His Father Died Suddenly; When They Went To Visit Him At The Cemetery They Found A Box Of Gifts On The Grave

They never imagined what was hidden inside …

Experiencing the pain of the loss of a loved one is not easy, especially when it comes to your partner and you have children. Just imagining the suffering that some women have to face makes my heart shudder.

A story that went viral, without a doubt proves once again, love of neighbor is shared by Upsocl, Quivo and social networks, where they leave us a great lesson for all those people that we can do something for others without expecting to receive anything from change.

Cody Wells was the husband of Danielle Ogle, they had a 4-year-old son named Braxton. Cody’s job was to be an officer in the Fort Pyne Police Department in Alabama, one day while driving down the road he had an accident that ended his life, when he crashed into a tree.

Upon receiving the news, Danielle was devastated and faced the loss of her husband in the company of her son. Since that day, she and her little boy visit Cody’s grave every day at lunchtime.

Danielle remembers that her husband was a person with a huge heart, who helped anyone without asking for anything in return. The bond between him and Braxton was incredible.

An unexpected surprise

Chris Blake works part time for the funeral home, every day he watched the mother and the little boy, who visited Cody’s grave. In the afternoon he contacted the mother to ask if he could leave a surprise gift for the child.

Arriving at the cemetery, Braxton saw a gift on his dad’s grave and ran out to see what it was, his words were: “Mommy, I can’t wait to see what daddy left me.” He opened it with such emotion and discovered that there were many toys. He thought his dad had flown down from heaven to leave him the present.

A little action to see a smile

Danielle is very grateful for Chris’s action, she said “It was wonderful as my son had been very unhappy for a long time, but when he saw the gift, he smiled from ear to ear; her whole day changed.

Facing widowhood

The Mexican Association of Thanatology, presents a thesis carried out by Blanca Álvarez and Rosalinda López, the research is aimed at facing widowhood.

The state of widowhood is considered one of the saddest, the pain grows when there is a family formed. Many times widowhood is related to a state of life that is usually linked to the elderly, however, it is not exclusive to any age.

What to do?

1. Accept reality

It is logical to have thoughts such as: “I have nothing to fight or live for, there are no projects,” then despair, anguish and questions invade the emotions, obstructing proper thinking.

Taking time to come to terms with reality and sort out your emotions will make you feel relieved. Cry, get angry, fill yourself with anger, without affecting those around you. Knowing what happened with a human attitude to seek answers will make you find solutions.

2. Seek help

Seeking the help of a specialist will be the option to learn how to heal pain. Taking refuge with family, children, friends, sharing experiences will comfort your soul.

3. Find motivation

Children are the best engine a woman needs to get ahead. Focus your energies to see them happy and support them. Remember that at their young age and maturity they also suffer. Search for activities and discover skills that you have within you, as well as setting new goals, will be of great help to alleviate suffering.

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Children and death

Their way of seeing death is different from that of an adult, so you should talk with them so that they can understand that the person who died no longer breathes, does not eat, does not walk. However, they are angels who care from heaven.

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Faith and hope are the tools you need to find peace. Do not stop praying and fighting for everything beautiful that you have in your present.

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