Hidden Benefits Of Dance

Do you know the benefits that some dance steps give you? I invite you to be fascinated with the art of dance.

By chance in life, I got to work in a government office. And I say coincidences because I never considered being a public official before. However, as destiny has unsuspected paths, this position led me to know art from the depths.

This thanks to a program that we manage and that offers free artistic classes, including dance. And it was not until the first semester gala of the workshop that I began to enjoy this type of show: seeing young people full of desire to learn, to be more, to take their dreams forward, manifesting from the most intimate of their being what they music makes them feel, it is an indescribable sensation.

So, as the months went by and some new students arrived, I began to investigate the many benefits of dancing. My surprise was greater when I found so many reasons to get carried away by the beat of a melody:

1. Keeps you in shape

It is a very good option when it comes to burning all the calories consumed during the day.

2. Helps your cardiovascular system

It greatly favors blood circulation, keeping you away from diseases that can lead to great problems and even death.

3. Makes you flexible

Both physically and emotionally, with each step you take, you develop resistance and greater ease in bending, but it also makes you more tolerant, because when dancing with someone else or with a group, everyone must be coordinated, which implies that everyone give their best to see fruit in their choreography.

4. Reduces shyness and strengthens socialization

I don’t know how many groups of new friends I have seen form in all the classes that are taught, but of one thing I am sure: they enjoy what they do and leave distractions behind to be able to understand each other optimally to always have the best results.

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5. Fight stress and depression

We all suffer from stress to a greater or lesser extent, but when we dance, the body begins to secrete endorphin, the hormone of happiness. What generates as a result that stress levels are decreased and the quality of life increases.

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6. Stimulates memory

Learning the different steps requires a high level of concentration, as a new scheme is born from each one. So in one way or another you help your memory to exercise every time you dance.

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7. Corrects postures

Almost without noticing, the dance begins to correct your body posture, leaving behind the tensions or contractures caused by them.

8. Improve coordination

Inevitably, several parts of the body have to move at the same time and although at first it is difficult, with several trials you will begin to notice that the difficulties begin to disappear.

Without a doubt, life gives us surprises, this for me was one of them. Today I consider myself lucky: watching dance performances regularly is one of the joys of my job. That is why it is necessary for me to thank Lía, a dance teacher who with her passion infected a whole team and taught me that to enjoy life, sometimes it is enough to be willing to watch a group of young people while they dance to the time signature of a great melody.

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