Her Twin Sister Was Dying And She Felt Everything, She Telepathically Asked Him Not To Leave

The doctors did not give an explanation for what happened, but they did attribute the miracle to a thing of “twin telepathy”. Do you think this is possible?

As the daughter of identical twins, I can affirm that they have a connection that goes beyond any other type of human connection. My mother feels when her sister is sad, happy or sick, and my aunt experiences the same; And although science does not have an explanation, the millions of stories of twins in the world show that they are special.

The case of the Kehoe twins from the United States has garnered attention for more than one miracle.

Jenna and Haley, now 12 years old and two drops of water, to this day, their mother sometimes has difficulty distinguishing them.

The twins’ lives were normal and both were in good health, until the morning the parents found Haley passed out in the bathroom. And it wasn’t just a faint; By taking the girl to the emergency room, doctors quickly determined the cause of Haley’s loss of consciousness; She had suffered a stroke and was due for surgery.

The only way out was to relieve pressure on the brain with surgery. After the surgery Haley was put on an artificial respirator and the doctors were just waiting for her heart to stop.

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At the same time, Jenna began to feel unexplained symptoms, and when hope faded, the miracle happened.

Jenna approached her little sister, took her hand and asked her to please not leave, that she felt that her heart would stop too if she left.

After this short but powerful conversation, Jenna collapsed and had to be hospitalized with her sister. Only a couple of hours later both girls woke up at the same time, and neither of them had any sequelae. Haley defected like nothing ever happened to her.

The only explanation given by the doctors was that it was a miracle based on ‘twin telepathy’.

The twins’ special powers

According to Live Science, at least one pair of twins in five claims to have telepathic powers with the other; and one in 30 babies born in the United States belongs to a pair of twins.

But despite the innumerable stories of twins knowing what the other feels without having any contact, science does not think this is possible, and solves it by saying that the thousands of examples are just chance.

However science has proven at least these 4 ‘powers’ in twins

1. Mothers of twins live longer

According to a study published by the University of Utah, it was concluded that these mothers live longer, are healthier, and their children are also in good health.

The University of Utah came to this conclusion after analyzing data from 59,000 twins born between 1800 and 1970.

2. Twins start playing with each other from 14 weeks of pregnancy

3D ultrasounds performed on 5 pairs of twins under the direction of the University of Pavoda, Italy, concluded that the twins begin to deliberately play with each other after 14 weeks of gestation. It was also learned that after 18 weeks, they spend more time petting their brother than playing with themselves.

3. Even if they are separated at birth, they will end up having similar lives

This study conducted at George Mason University, concluded that health, intelligence, happiness, success, personality, values, and interest – are partly genetic.

4. Twins do not react in the same way to illness.

The BYU tried to explain why the twins do not respond to the same diseases in the same way as they share the same DNA. The simple explanation seems to be that when they leave the mother’s womb, they are exposed to different pathogens, bacteria, etc. Thus developing different types of immune systems.

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