Helping Hands Are Nobler Than Praying Lips

Praying is good, but acting to help those in need is even better.

Any residential neighborhood in the world has extremely devoted women who go to church every day. The story that you will read next tells the story of one of these women.
This woman, every morning went to the first mass that was given in the church of the community where she lived. On the way from her house to the church, she would meet people on the street who asked for help or some food to get through the day, but she was so focused on her prayers that she passed by and did not bother to turn them to see.
One morning in particular, after having walked all the usual way, he arrived at the church; however, upon arrival, he realized that the door was closed.
No matter how hard he hit and pushed it, the door did not open. He went on like this for a long time, but no matter how hard he insisted, he got no answer. Sad that that morning she could not enter church for the first time in many years, she found herself not knowing what to do.
After a while of being downcast, she looked up looking for an answer. It was then that there in front of her eyes she noticed what she had not seen minutes before. It was a note nailed to the wood of the door that said: “The answer is not in here, it is on the way.

“Hands that help are nobler than lips that pray”

The sentence with which I start this paragraph may sound quite strict; however, it is still true.

It can happen (faith is wonderful), that a prayer made with good intention has the necessary effect and solves an immediate problem; Despite that, things turn out better when you act in response and calm the suffering of the needy.

Yeah sometimes we don’t realize that we are the answer to prayersomeone’s. It happens that sometimes we are so absorbed in our prayer that we do not pay attention to the needs of the people around us.

There is nothing wrong with it if it happens once or twice, but what do you tell me if you just spend your life just praying that God will do everything through your faith and you don’t act? It is extremely positive to pray and have faith, but you must also be a doer of works, as we were commanded.

We are human beings with the mental and moral capacity to do good and to help our neighbors. For something the writing says:

Matthew 22: 36-40

36  Teacher, what is the great commandment in the law?

37  Jesus said to him: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.

38  This is the first and great commandment.

39  And the second is similar: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

40  On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

So, don’t you think that one way to show love to others is by helping in their time of need?

Do not give what is left over, but what you have

I do not pretend to give you moral lessons, but if I know something on my own it is that although receiving is wonderful, there is an act superior to this, and that is giving.

But it is not about giving what you have left over, that any human being does. The crux of the matter lies in giving what you have. It is not complicated and you cannot imagine how greatly benefited you or your loved ones can leave.

There was a time when with my family we were members of a church. By then our economic situation was not very buoyant to say the least; However, when my mother was asked to feed two young missionaries who came from another country, she did not hesitate.

For years my mother fed young people who only came to our house for lunch one day a week. My mother went out of her way to give them a good plate of food, knowing that it might be the only good meal they could eat each day. In this way, we met young people from many parts of the world who taught us a different way of seeing life.

It was a while before I went to live abroad. What I experienced outside my country and in complete independence was equally liberating and difficult. However, perhaps because my mother was disinterested in serving, or perhaps because she gave more than we had, I never went hungry or lived on the streets.

Today, if I know something, it is that if I can help a person, in any way, I will.

Pray, but also act

The prayers of good-hearted people are heard and heeded. Now, imagine the great things that a person who has faith he achieves when he acts and helps people in need.

Many people in the world pray with faith to God for the needs of those around them. At the same time, they ask to have a clear mind to find those who need their help. In this way they provide service caring for the sick and donate their time to care for the elderly. Other people choose to spend part of their wages feeding people and animals homeless.

Large sums of money are not needed, just the willingness to help -for example- a neighbor who due to health problems cannot go out to clean his garden. You can also feed a homeless animal. You can also give food to someone in need. There are hundreds of ways to help those in need; Just remember: Praying is good, but acting to help those who need it is better in God’s eyes.

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