He Who Does Not Risk, Does Not Love. Vulnerability As An Inevitable Element In Love

If you’ve found someone worthy of your trust and you’re still afraid to open up to love, read on.

True, it is very important not to give your trust – and therefore your vulnerability – to anyone, but to someone who truly deserves it and can offer you the same in return. And although this is essential in any healthy relationship, the reality is that many of us get stuck there: we do not trust anyone, we refuse to open up and we never give someone the opportunity to show that they are worthy of our trust, because we simply assume that they are not.

There is a big difference between being cautious and being paranoid, so to speak. The cautious person takes the time to get to know the other person and then decides to share and open the door to a more intimate relationship. On the contrary, the paranoid person never opens up and knows little or nothing about what it means to have a healthy relationship, where both people share and nurture each other. Regardless of whether you are cautious or paranoid, these tips will help you take that second step and thus enjoy your relationships fully:

1. Share little by little

The first step is always the hardest, however, you absolutely must share. If you need to, take your time, but dare to take that first step and share, even if it is little.

2. Imagine the consequences

As I said above, it is important that you share, even if you are afraid. With that said, it can help you to imagine the two possible consequences: whether the person reacts the way you expect, or not. You need to accept that the other person may react negatively and this does not indicate that you have made a mistake. So feel satisfied that you have shared, regardless of the consequences.

3. Maintain physical contact

There is something that always helps to share our feelings in difficult circumstances: maintain even a slight physical contact. While you are sharing and opening your heart to the other person, hold their hand, sit close, hug them.

4. Disappointment does not imply defeat

It is important to remember that being in a position of vulnerability will always be better than never daring to express your feelings, even when the consequences have not been what you expected. I say it again: a disappointment does not mean that you have been defeated.

Although it is important that you take the time to get to know someone before sharing and involving your feelings more, even more important to be willing to show yourself what you are like and take a little risk. Think that a disappointment, although painful, is a great opportunity to grow as a person. But even more beautiful is when the other person reacts to you with the same dedication that you offer, because that experience is priceless and makes it worth taking all the risks.


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