He Weighed 31 Kilos And These Pictures Show It All; Don’t Let It Happen To Your Daughters

The demands of the society we live in can spell death for some women. These images show us a terrible reality.

Hanna Koestler, a young girl of only 22 years old, was days away from death and decided to share her story by showing the heartbreaking photos of her body on her Instagram page.

In a few days his story has earned more than 120,000 followers, but the most alarming thing is the number of messages he receives every day asking for help for being in similar situations.

According to the Daily Mail, Hannah has already recovered and is at a healthy weight. According to what was reported, this young student ate only 3 rice cakes, vegetables and a glass of water per day, adding only 100 calories.

The photographs are tremendously graphic, but as Hannah put it, “These are the images of my journey.”

“When I see old photos they bring back memories of what happened to me, but I have never been happier than I am now, and I want people to know that,” Hannah explained to the Daily Mail.

In Hannah’s case, her family’s constant moves were the trigger for her anorexia. By the time the young woman became a teenager, she had already lived in America, China, South Korea, and Japan. Unable to control which school she would go to or how long her friendships would last, she began to obsess over what she ate.

SECOND YEAR AT UNI ✅ Hello summer ?? Last night was my first night of summer and I’m still on such a high from finishing exams. I have so many exciting things planned and such an amazing summer ahead of me – I can’t wait for what’s to come ?? I am in the process of creating a YouTube account (just need to figure out what video camera to get? ✌? ️) and am also going to write a recipe ebook with all of my favorite meals? Now that summer’s here and I’m not tied down with uni work, rowing and my other extracurriculars, I’m dedicating a lot of time to my account? Let me know what you would want to see on my YouTube and if you have any recipe requests down below! ? And thank you all so much for all the support I received these last 10 days while I was internally dying of exam stress ❤️

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How does anorexia start?

In Hannah’s case, she felt that she had no control or you or a vote over her life, and that she should only follow her family regardless of what she wanted. Many people who suffer from anorexia did not start with the disease because they were obsessed with their weight, but because they feel that the only thing they can control in their lives is what they eat.

Which are the risk factors?

According to the Eating Disorder Organization, these may be the risk factors:

  • The genetic

  • The person’s temperament:

Obsessive thoughts


Sensitivity to rewards and punishments



Stiffness and excessive perseverance

  • Biological factors such as depression, anxiety, and neurotic behaviors.

  • Trauma

  • Trouble dealing with pain

  • Family pressure

  • Sociocultural ideals

  • Subsistence allowance

How many people are affected with anorexia?

According to the American Eating Disorder Association, 10 million women in the United States suffer from eating disorders. This means that between 10 and 15 percent of North Americans suffer from these types of problems.

How dangerous can it be?

As reported by Mirasol, anorexia is the mental illness with the highest mortality rate. The death rate from this disease is 12 times higher than any other cause of death in women between 15 and 24 years of age.

In Hannah’s case, she tells of how her mother did everything to help her eat. Her mother even accompanied her to school and sat next to her while she made sure she ate her lunch, however, Hannah’s obsession with controlling what she consumed made her do everything to avoid eating.

She admits to yelling, biting, and throwing the food plates in her mother’s face to avoid consuming what she had chosen not to eat.

How do you get out of this disease?

In most cases, this disease requires professional help. Many parents choose to go it alone, but it is extremely dangerous and ineffective.

If you suspect that your daughter has eating problems, do not ignore the situation, seek help, do not trust her promises that they will eat, remember that this is about life and death.

Today is December 1, and Christmas is coming closer and closer. I remember my only Christmas wish three years ago (Christmas 2012) very vividly. It was to become healthy and free from my eating disorder. This wish did not happen overnight, but slowly I made progress and with every passing day, I was one step closer. I did not only gain my health back, but also my personality and energy! I stumbled upon this picture from when I was very ill, and it pains me to look at. I look so lifeless and miserable, my eyes have absolutely no spark in them, I’m being controlled by my eating disorder, I’m in pain and despair but am too deep into this illness to realize, my hair is falling out and disappearing , my complexion is yellow, I have nothing to be happy about. The picture on the right is the complete opposite – I’m radiating, I can smile and be happy, my eyes light up, my skin complexion is so much healthier, my hair looks healthy, I’m living again. Christmas for me is a time of reflection and putting into perspective what’s important to me. I’m glad to have been given this second chance at life and being able to live and spend more time with the people that I love, doing what I enjoy. I’m just happy to be alive again?

A photo posted by Hannah | Vegan? | 22 | UK ?? (@prosperoushealthylife) onDec 1, 2015 at 12:21 am PST

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