He Was Desperately Selling Pens On The Street While Carrying His Daughter; A Stranger Took A Picture And Then Discovers This

What this father does is simply hard to believe …

It is well said that a picture is worth a thousand words! And this acquires an impressive dimension when there is a warlike conflict involved or certain political and social circumstances or that point to a natural tragedy, which shake a particular territory or an entire country.

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A desperate man

Abdul Halim Attar, a single father, worked in a chocolate factory in Lebanon. And I say that he “worked” because the war in Syria forced him to take refuge in Yarmouk (a refugee camp dating from 1948) and fight for the life of his daughter. The situation is so dire that in a short time she decided to sell pens on the street in order to feed the little girl.

He did not have a roof to live under and with his daughter in his arms, he would go from street to street to sell the only thing he could offer: 8 pens.

A photograph changed his landscape

Gissur Simonarson runs the Conflict news site. One day she discovered Abdul on a street in the city of Beirut, carrying her little girl in her arms and offering the pens. Simonarson dared to photograph them, then uploaded the image to his social network under the name “Anonymous Seller”, while inviting people to share it in order to make it viral: he sought to raise awareness in the world about the situation in those places.

The photograph spread rapidly, it was shared through social networks, BBC, Semana35 and other media ; it got 6 thousand followers. And such was the impact that was given to the task of searching for the man; Thanks to the help of local journalists, they were able to locate him.

Help campaign begins

Simonarson opened a Twitter account through the Indiegogo site with the intention of raising funds and helping Abdul and his daughter: the goal was to raise $5,000 in 15 days. However, in 30 minutes the goal had been reached and after 22 hours it had reached $60,752,000. Fortunately, the sum continues to climb.

Life took a radical turn

Upon receiving the money, Abdul burst into tears and said he was very blessed. And thanks to the humility of so many other people, he got a job, a house and food to feed his little girl. Now the girl already attends school, and looks healthy and happy. But this is not all, Abdul intends to help other refugees as an act of reciprocal kindness and generosity for the selfless help he received.

The challenge does not end

Simonarson decided to help more refugees by conducting various campaigns to humanize the world. «It is better to help more people. However, I think a lot of people just want to see someone’s life change, “he said.

We need others

Everyone, at some time in life, needs the help of other people to be able to get out of a conflict, whether emotional or economic, but we do not have to wait for help to arrive in order to solve a problem. Because with courage, strength, faith and perseverance dreams can be conquered.

But how do you get through the tough times? There is no magic formula, so let’s follow this list of tips and it will be easier to find solutions.

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1. Modify small actions

Faced with excessive pressure due to conflicts, it is advisable to change some things that can reduce the level of stress and anxiety: tidy up the house or workplace, prioritize pending issues and focus on solving the simplest; This will help you feel relieved.

2. Surround yourself with positive people

Stay away from toxic people who think that nothing is possible and that there are many obstacles to achieving a goal. And on the contrary, seek to surround yourself with people who motivate you and provide solutions; This way you can fill yourself with positive energy and clarify your thoughts.

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3. Relax and have fun

If problems remain in your mind and it is impossible to get them out of your mind, it will affect your physical and emotional health. It is advisable to stop thinking about the problems and find an activity in which you can concentrate on other things.

4. Don’t look guilty

It’s easy to pinpoint guilty when problems arise in life; but it is better to focus on finding solutions and alternatives rather than, at all costs, finding a culprit. It is time to reflect on your mistakes and learn from them.

Don’t wait for other people to solve your problems, you have the strength to do it. And if it is in your hands to help other people, do not hesitate to do so, remember that it is a great example for your children to offer help without expecting to receive anything in return.

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