He Takes Care Of Me All Day, Does He Love Me Or Want To Control Me?

All women love that our partner takes care of us, pampers us, and cares about our well-being. However, all of us must be very clear about the difference between the love that strengthens and builds, and the desire for control or domination that destroys and denigrates.

When we start a love relationship, everything is “rosy” and we need time to share and enjoy together. We are interested in knowing everything about the loved one and being able to lavish our possible attentions on him. Talk and share  It becomes the key to knowing each other more and discovering the things that we have in common, or in which we do not agree, and thus commit ourselves to a stable, lasting relationship that makes both parties happy.

Happiness is achieved by the love that we each put for the other in the relationship, and this is the key to knowing if our partner really loves us or just wants to have someone to control or dominate. Love makes the couple happy; If only one person or neither is happy, something is not working well in the relationship.

If this article caught your attention, maybe you are in a relationship where you love but you are not completely happy, something is not right between you and something inside you is warning you, but you cannot identify what it is exactly.

If you allow me, I am going to introduce you to some behaviors that women often confuse us, we think it is love but in reality it is something that is not right. Do we review them?


We all like to know and feel that we are important and valuable to our partner, but that is one thing, and quite another is living with Sickly jealousies someone’s.

When someone is overly jealous or unhealthy about their partner, they are only showing great insecurity and the fear of being abandoned. A jealous person suffers from a great emotional dependence that prevents him from trusting his partner and being happy, because he does not fully trust her.

Obsessively jealous of the couple is a warning sign that the couple must talk with great honesty so that trust is the reason for union and happiness.

Cares for you or supervises you

Nowadays we are all concerned to know that our loved ones return home safe every day, and we call them or ask them to send us a message to know that everything is fine, and then be calm. That is love, but when our partner constantly calls, sends messages, stops to see, checks cell phone, computer, bag and checks everything you do, it is most likely not about taking care of you, but about control and supervise you.

If any of this is happening, you should express it to your partner and set a time to call or find each other, one where both can feel comfortable to talk and avoid the burden and saturation of the couple.

It protects you so much that it cancels you

If in the restaurant he orders your food, takes everything to prevent you from going out, orders for you, decides and acts in everything even without consulting you, and that makes you uncomfortable, it must be said.  It is nice to be pampered but it is terrible to be annulled and treated as someone who cannot decide or express what she thinks or feels.

In favor of them men, I will tell you, that some of them have this type of overwhelming behavior because they sincerely want to please you and they do not know how or how far to do it to make you feel good, hence it is very important that you speak up and let them know how you do it. you really feel. If his interest in you is sincere, he will immediately modify his course to make you happy.

Only he is right

Intelligent couples know how to discuss and talk about their differences to solve their problems. A good relationship involves constantly acknowledging one’s mistakes, apologizing, and rectifying.

Couples in long-lasting relationships have learned that the relationship is more important than being right.

If it is more important for your partner to be right, blame you or prove that you are wrong, they should sit down with a professional to make the relevant changes and that love is the only thing that rules between you.

Gifts or chains

They say that only women who are not capable of supporting themselves any man can impress them with gifts, and deep down there is a lot of truth.

Controlling men often give chains and ties in the form of valuable gifts: a cell phone, to know where you are always, jewelry that you dress and look like he likes, work through which to manipulate you, or even a house where you can to have you.

When it comes to receiving expensive or compromising gifts, always keep in mind that you will have to pay a price. Sure, there are exceptions.

Isolates you

This is a very subtle behavior that violent, dominant and possessive men often use to be able to exert all their power over their partners without anyone intervening or rescuing them.

It is a behavior that begins little by little and that if you do not realize it in time can be something so serious that it endangers personal integrity and life.

All couples seek to have time alone and it is normal for them to stop sharing with friends and family on some occasions; but it is that: sometimes, and not always.

Love multiplies, and the more it is shared, the more it multiplies and is enjoyed with friends and family.

Distancing yourself from your friends, your activities, your family, tastes, and personal goals is not a sign of love.

If you are experiencing this situation, you should tell someone, a family member, a friend, a religious minister or even a local authority.

Obsessive behaviors are harmful, but if they are detected early and treated, they can be controlled and even cured. Not always you can do it alone, both may have to work with a specialist.

Can you have a good marriage with a controlling person?

Good marriages are not the product of chance or chance, they are the result of work, perseverance and sincere love between spouses. If there is will, respect, and a sincere desire for improvement, anything is possible. Only one thing you should always keep in mind:

Whoever loves you will seek to see you progress and not change you to their liking and convenience. A relationship is for both of you to be happy.

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