He Returned From His Deepest Coma To Give His Last Message To His Mother; Then He Closed His Eyes Forever

He just wanted to make sure his mom knew this; a story that squeezes the hearts of all moms.

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Anyone who has gone through the ordeal of having a family member with cancer knows that the most efficient palliative is repeated displays of affection. The love that we dispense to our sick people can be fundamental to recover the joy of a sufferer; or necessary perhaps to let go of your soul. This is the case that touches the world: a mother accompanies her young son on his deathbed and the message that the child leaves is simply moving.

A cold, which was much more than that

When little Nolan Scully began to feel constipated from a little cold, his parents Ruth and Jonathan decided to take him to the doctor. The almost 3-year-old boy also began to have strong allergic reactions, nosebleeds and always feeling tired. According to the site El Español, neither the cold nor his state of fatigue improved with anything, so the doctors decided to do a biopsy, where sadly they detected a type of cancer that attacks the soft tissues called rhabdomyosarcoma.

As reported by the Cool Cloud portal, her mother Ruth remembers that the doctor told her “I have horrible news for you. The tissue samples that we extracted were sent to pathology. Nolan tested positive for rhabdomyosarcoma (an aggressive and highly malignant form of childhood cancer). He said things were not looking good at all. These are the only words I remember, then everything became very confusing . From that moment on, these parents faced a race against time to try by all means to find someone who could give them a solution for their child’s severe illness.

But nothing was enough

Cancer progressed day by day and little Nolan’s health was detrimental. After two years of tireless fighting, Nolan died on February 1, 2017. The love of his parents made this little warrior go to heaven in peace. His last words were shared in a Facebook post that received more than 1 million likes and was shared more than 650,000 times. The words Nolan spoke before closing his eyes for the last time made him an angel on earth and his mother’s little hero.

This is what his son told him

In Ruth’s post, this mother related what her son told her before he died. According to the account in the letter, when she took her son to the hospital she knew and sensed that something was wrong. The day the oncologist told her that the cancer had metastasized through her little body and there was nothing to do, she snuggled up next to her son and had an emotional talk. These were her words:

-It hurts to breathe, doesn’t it?

-Okay, yes.

-You have a lot of pain?

– (Looking down) Yes.

-This cancer thing sucks. You don’t have to fight anymore.

-Don’t I have to fight anymore? But I’ll do it for you, Mom! (With happiness).

-Not! Is that what you’ve been doing? Fight for mom?

-Okay, yes.

-Nolan Ray, what is Mom’s job?

Keep me safe!

_ Honey… I can’t do that here anymore. The only way I can keep you safe is in heaven.

-Then I’ll go to heaven and play until you get there! Will you come, no?

-Absolutely! You can’t get rid of mom so easily!

-Thanks Mom! I’m going to play with Hunter, Brylee and Henry!

Warrior to the end

His mother wanted to take him home to spend his last days. However, Nolan preferred to stay in the hospital. The last hours they talked, played and laughed together. And when it was time to leave, Nolan fell into a coma. When he closed his eyes, everyone thought it was the end, but he still had to say something to his mother

Come back from the coma to say….

To some, this picture looks like a kid laying in a bathroom floor. What you don’t see is my 4 year old son scared to…

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Nolan opened his eyes, said to his mother “Mommy, I love you” and closed them again forever. Undoubtedly, this little fighter wanted to make sure until the last moment that his mother knew all the love he felt for her. I put myself in the shoes of that mother and I can’t see the terrible pain of going through that situation.

Warning symptoms of childhood cancer

Cancer does not distinguish between races or age groups. According to the Infant Cancer site, if your child presents the following symptoms -among other factors- consult your pediatrician for complete advice: -paleness -bruises (hematomas) -bleeds -generalized bone pain -local inflammation -weight loss and / or appetite with no apparent cause -inflammation or bloating -persistent cough -difficulty breathing

Nolan’s family shares all the stories related to the little fighter on their Facebook page. A story that moves us and reminds us that the most valuable thing we have in this life is the love of our loved ones. Do not forget to hug your affections and tell them how many you love them; mutual love is the only thing we will take from this life.

He couldn’t die without saying something very important to his mom

Write to Ruth: https://goo.gl/NpIkHr

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