He Adopted Him And 27 Years Later He Gives His Mother The Best Gift He Could Ever Imagine

The love of a child is not always born with blood.

Ingeborg Mclntosh went through different hardships when it came to wanting to adopt her son Jordan, who was left at birth in a foster home. Although the real problem came when Ingeborg decided to start the adoption process which lasted 4 years.

According to the Newsner site, this was how long it took him to convince his birth mother to let him adopt him. This was because she wanted her son to be adopted by an African American family. Although since Ingerborg and Jordan met they had a very special bond. Even though no one else showed any interest in the boy, after many attempts Ingerborg was finally able to adopt Jordan.

But it took a dramatic turn 20 years later, because, although the Mclntosh family cared for about 125 years, no one stole their hearts as much as Jordan. Two decades later Ingeborg received terrible news, doctors informed her that she had polycystic kidney disease. Jordan decided that he could not see how his adoptive mother was suffering and after doing the pertinent studies and knowing that they were compatible he carried out the transplant, even when the biological mother disagreed.

Love, forged from a non-blood relationship, was the main protagonist of this story.

Bond with your foster child

Although it may seem like a difficult task, bonding with your adopted child is easier than you think. The Wikihow portal makes some suggestions to strengthen these ties, below we will tell you some steps you must follow to have these links.

Spend time with your child

Although sometimes work, social life and traffic make us absorb time, you should always schedule some day of the week, to live with your adopted child and perform activities that he likes. This will make the bond stronger.

Show love

Whatever happens, let him know all the time that you will always be there for him, no matter the situation. In the same way, you have to show him that you like spending time with him. This will generate a trust between the two that will strengthen the bond

Take your time

You always have to take the time to interact with your child, whether it’s to “fool around” with him or to teach him new things.

Search activities

You should look for activities in which the child has an interest, as this will benefit him, both intellectually and emotionally. Also try to spend time with her this will help you learn more about her.

Give him his space

It is important that you provide him with a space where he can carry out his activities and spend time, you have to respect that space as his. Knock on the door before entering and let him decorate the place as he likes.

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Respect their beliefs

If your child belongs to another culture or has beliefs different from yours, you should respect them and try to learn from them. This way the child will know that you are interested in him.

Let me have some control

It is always important that the child has some influence in decisions such as choosing a movie or what he wants to play, so he will feel integrated into the family.

just relax

Relationships are consolidated as long as you give them time. When the child sees that you respect and care for him, love will grow.

Without a doubt, the relationship with an adopted child is always difficult, so we hope that these points will help you create a more affectionate bond.

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