He Abandoned Me And I Have Children. What Can I Do?

The abandonment of the couple hurts a lot. Especially if you have children and you don’t know how to deal with this situation. If you are going through this situation, you should definitely read this article

When you decide to join your life in marriage, you think that it is for life: love, responsibility and commitment are factors that influence a marriage to last. It is very likely that when you got married, start a family and have children, it was your ideal and your goal.

However, there are an indeterminate number of reasons why your partner may leave a marriage: infidelity, addictions, violence, or because love simply ended for him. However, the reasons remain in the background and the real problem will come: being a woman who does not have any type of financial support and must support her children.

For some time now, I have seen many unfortunate cases of men who have abandoned their responsibilities as husbands and fathers. If you are going through this situation, read these tips that will help you get ahead with your life and that of your children.

1. Avoid depression

It is vitally important that you take control of your emotions such as crying, not eating, or feeling frustrated in front of your children. That is not recommended. Avoid being sad and thinking only that you are alone. Your children are your priority and you have to make an effort so that in this situation they are the least affected. Concentrate on reflecting and making decisions always with your children in mind.

2. It is not a question of finding guilty

Don’t blame yourself or him. You have to recognize that there are mistakes from you, as well as from your partner. This will take time: it is not overnight to accept that you made mistakes. However, if you do, you will be one step ahead to get your life back on track, and improve as a mother and as a person.

3. Don’t shut up, ask for help

There are many certified therapeutic options before this problem. Do not abandon your faith and reach out to those who give you the confidence to open up and express yourself. In that sense, I advise you to include your children so that they can give their opinion and express themselves, as it is neither their fault nor their responsibility.

4. Talk to your children

It is important that you clarify the problem with your children in a relaxed and controlled way. Let them know that your love and effort will always be dedicated to them. The message that your children should receive should be clear and simple. Avoid going into details that you may not even understand when explaining them: this depends on the age of your children and their understanding of the situation.

5. Don’t neglect your children

In order to cope with this difficult situation, you and your children must do activities together. Going out to the park, going to the movies, going bowling, a morning or evening walk, preparing food together – keep your kids and your mind active. It is time to reinforce your love for your children, at all times try to motivate them and show them that you are proud of them.

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6. Turn to your family, you are not alone

There is no doubt that in this difficult situation, your best bastion is your family. Father, mother, grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers, etc., are always there when we go through these kinds of situations. Lean on them so that you can regain control of your life in all aspects. If you are a woman who never worked and depended on her husband all the time when you were married, surely your family will help you and take care of your children while you achieve financial stability.

Learn to forgive and forgive yourself, this will allow you to find peace; loving your children can overcome any difficulty that life throws at you. Every relationship is different, and the way you face the abandonment of your partner depends on the circumstances in which you are living. I am sure that you will find the way to your happiness. Finally, I invite you to read this article.

A man who abandons his family always regrets

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