Have You Played These 6 Songs With Your Partner? If You Can’t Talk About This With Him, Your Relationship Is In Trouble

Have you discussed these issues with your partner? Do you dare to do it to see how your relationship is?

If you are in the middle of a relationship where you feel happy, you both love each other and are considering that the relationship last a lifetime, it is very important that you consider talking about these issues with the sole goal of strengthening yourself and avoiding secrets that divide you in the present or future.

Here are some examples, the most common by the way, but each person and each couple will have their own. When talking, each couple must bear in mind that what is spoken and trusted is kept and even forgotten; it should also be clear that using this information to attack and harm a partner is one of the lowest things that can be done to hurt or profit.

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Now also consider this: do not open wounds that you are unwilling to heal. There are also things that it is preferable to leave in oblivion if in truth there are no longer and will not be consequences of such events.

So, do you dare to continue reading?

Emotional problems

All of us, in one way or another, have suffered; some more, some less, and some even in terrible and unimaginable ways. Some of these sufferings are overcome, left behind, but others leave consequences that unfortunately reach the present and even reach those we love the most.

Abuse in any of its forms, disorders and other delicate conditions, it is advisable to discuss them with the couple in order to continue with therapy, supervision, but above all, to have the support and consideration that is so much needed to get ahead.


This is a subject that is repeatedly invited to discuss with the couple, because unfortunately it has consequences for the offspring that is engendered. When touching the point, again, it is to take actions that improve the present and do not negatively impact the future.

Previous marriages, relationships and children

It’s funny, but this is the topic that often comes up after marriage or over the years, and it is one of the most divorces and breakups. Again, this is an issue that needs to be discussed, preferably before formalizing with someone.

Legal issues

Why do you think they say “the long arm of the Law”? Clear! Because it always reaches you! Sooner or later our legal errors catch up with us. Living “at the top of the hat”, hiding or depriving others of benefits so as not to put one’s own freedom at risk, is not life.


It is the same as problems with justice, they always reach us and are charged with those we love the most. That is why we must avoid them like the plague and seek to settle them honestly, as soon as possible.

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Being one of the most complex issues of surviving in marriage, it is also necessary to repeat that it is possible to overcome it and move forward with more strength and unity than before. Everything is possible when there is a will, a desire to get ahead and someone to do it for.

I sincerely hope that these words are for your happiness.

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