Grandparents Are The Amalgamation Of Families, Let’s Take Care Of Them

When a grandfather and a child embrace each other, the world becomes a better place.

The word “grandfather” in several languages ​​means “the great father.” That older father, who is already the father of the one who has become the father. I remember well the day I saw my father as the great father, for the first time enjoying being a grandfather. Every time I recall the image of a man lying on the floor, belly down, looking at his first granddaughter, pushing himself on the floor to start crawling, and him clapping his hands, I relive the impact of that moment. I remember my mother, a wise expert, carrying and hugging my niece and getting the air out of her that no one else could.

As a daughter, being able to imagine how my own parents looked at me, with that tenderness, and did things that seemed impossible and absolutely unsuspected, allowed me to understand the enormous love of my parents.

Grandparents take care of parents

Also, by the time I became a mother, I was able to have a greater understanding of this fact. This was further strengthened when my children grew up, and they asked me to go with their grandparents.

On one occasion, I was personally overwhelmed by all the responsibilities that at the time piled up in front of me. One of my sons asked me: ” Mom, please go with the grandparents, so that you can relax .”

In general, children perceive that their own parents are cared for by their grandparents. This also reaffirms a security context, a structure that contains them.

In the same way, meeting, living with and seeing their grandparents connects them with the historical line of their own life. It is, as the Spanish authors say  Triadó and Villar,family memory. It is the grandparents that provide elements to understand more of the entire history of the family.

This leads to understanding personalities, events, emotions, and own talents. The stories that grandparents tell to their grandchildren can also lead to an understanding of their parents’ ways, and greater empathy for them. These grandchildren sometimes reflect the relationship of their parents with their own parents, when they name things from their innocence of what they observe in natural dynamics.

For example, when children naturally ask “ Mom, why are you scared of Grandpa? ”. This simple question can trigger unresolved issues that invite you to review and grow.

The role of grandparents

On the other hand, grandparents have multiple benefits for receiving visits from their family, specifically, from their grandchildren. It is through them that they can look at the fruits of their hard work as parents, and see how their lineage continues.

They can serve several functions:

1 Emotional closeness

Grandparents often feel like they can finally enjoy themselves without the burden of parenting responsibility, allowing them to be closer emotionally. This element tends to cause jealousy or confusion in children, who, having severe parents, find sweet grandparents.

2 Participation and advice on standards

The experience of grandparents often gives birth to parents regarding norms and rules that facilitate the formation of their children.

3 Mediators

At times, they usually intervene to relax the tension in the parent-child relationship.

4 Substitute Caregivers

They are excellent caregivers in cases of either emergency, or to be able to have couple spaces. When they are caregivers in special cases, they tend to enjoy it a lot. When they become regular and daily caregivers, it creates confusion between the parental role of providing structure and norms, and the role of grandparents who pamper their grandchildren.

5 Leisure

Visit grandparents, talk, live together, Help them work because of their age can no longer make use also it generates emotional time, generous, forming empathy for children vulnerable.

These are some of the benefits of the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren.

Children and the elderly, a tender and important pair

Children generate well-being in grandparents. They allow living conditions that promote better health and a sense of life, according to a study published in the scientific journalEvolution and Human Behavior. ” Not having contact with grandchildren negatively influences grandparentshealth, ” said lead author Sonja Hilbrand, a doctoral student in the Department of Psychology at the University of Basel in Switzerland.

It should be noted that the coexistence between the elderly and children is not exclusively for grandparents and grandchildren. In some countries, projects have been carried out where they connect nursing homes with day care centers in order to join the thread of two vulnerable populations. In the same space they can complement each other and give each other much of what they both need.

The ancestral stories say that in the tribes the elders took care of the children. These had just arrived on earth, and they still had a lot of connection with his spirit. They had to help the elderly to regain their spirituality to leave. While also the grandparents shared their experiences andwisdom for earthly life.

If we look into the eyes of children and the elderly, the same sensation awakens us: fragility, vulnerability. May we always be sensitive to both, and bring them together so that they are shared. May in them we find the way to reconnect to our spirit.

Thank you dear grandparents for so much that you give us!

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