Grandmother’s Secrets To Cure Common Infections, Which Are Effective

Nature has its secrets to cure certain diseases … and so does Grandma!

We as women have the great honor and duty to enrich and perpetuate all the wisdom of the good women who preceded us, specifically when it comes to remedies to cure infections.

And it is not that we do not value medical advances and we are incredulous about medicine, what happens is that when applying some home remedies that do work, we can avoid taking drugs at the first provocation and fill our body with unnecessary chemicals when we have what we need at home to heal without negative consequences.

First recommendation

Have a good book on herbal medicine or naturopathic medicine at home. Even on the internet you can find some in PDF format so that, without spending it, you can consult, learn and learn more about the plants, seeds and fruits that you can use for your benefit for their components.


We are going to talk about some infections that can be treated at home when they first appear or even to prevent them, but it should be very clear that if you do not see improvement in 48 hours, you should visit your doctor and receive the indicated medication.

Herbalism and homeopathy work very well, but they are healing processes that take time and sometimes our ailments no longer have that time and we must go to the doctor before generating a major complication.

Now, we can start!

We will begin by explaining that we call infection the process in which a pathogenic microorganism invades some part or organ of our body and multiplies until causing damage. These pathogenic organisms have the capacity to be transmissible, that is, they can be contagious, they can invade tissues and evade the immune system. They can be viruses, bacteria, fungi or even parasites, which enter our cells and then spread.

Many times these infections are manifested through temperature (when the body is fighting them), vomiting and diarrhea (when trying to eliminate that infection) and inflammation (when the body is “surrounding” germs or viruses to contain and destroy them) . There may also be burning and pain in various parts of the body.

Those are our signals to start working.

Throat infections

When burning or itching begins in the throat after getting wet, it is a sign of an ongoing infectious process.

Grandma’s remedy: prepare a strong cinnamon tea, so warm, add the juice of a lemon and sweeten with honey. When you take it, you will start to sweat, so it is advisable to take a good hot bath and go to bed.

You can fall asleep and let your body fight that battle with the weapons you have ingested. The next morning you can feel relieved or wake up with the feeling of only a slight flu, have another cup of tea the same and you will feel like new.

Flu and cough

The temperature, the cut body and the congested nose can be cured with a lemon tea and the great secret: 10 to 15 drops of propolis and a little honey. Before taking it, suck steam as much as you can and then drink it slowly.

Propolis is a substance made by bees and works as an antiviral and antiseptic. Some people find it very strong, and 2 or 3 drops are enough. It is a product that you should always have at home.

Skin infections

The mushrooms, abscesses, boils, chilblains, cracks and even warts you remove them by applying propolis daily. First you bathe and clean the infected part perfectly, then dry and apply the drops directly.

Attention: when you bathe, scrub those areas vigorously but without hurting yourself, the fiber or sponge you use must be chlorinated to eliminate those bacteria and not allow anyone else to use it, or it could be infected in the case of warts or fungi. When you apply the drops, the dropper should not touch your skin.

If it is a major injury, apply the propolis a gauze and hold it so that the effect lasts longer, one hour is enough.

You will soon see your dermatological problems disappear. I learned this remedy after visiting several dermatologists who could not remove a fungus on my forehead, with two applications of propolis it was enough.

When putting it on, you may feel an itch, it is brief and means that it is acting strongly.

Urinary infection

One of the most annoying without a doubt. For this case, our grandmothers always made these two recommendations:

Corn hair tea:  you remove all the hair or hair from two tender corn, that are not dry or burned and put them to boil, wait for it to cool down a bit and drink it when you go to sleep and on an empty stomach.

Horsetail tea: it  is a well-known plant, as it is long and moderately fine. It is tasteless, odorless and inexpensive. Many families even plant it in a pot to always have it on hand.

You cut about 6 or 8 wands and boil them in two liters of water, you should not sweeten it and refrigerate or leave it at the time as you prefer. You should drink this fresh water as use water throughout the day and so on until the discomfort is removed.

It is very important that you change your underwear daily and use neutral soap for your toilet.

Intestinal infections

Diarrhea, pain and even temperature are the common symptoms of a stomach infection. Here are some recommendations from Granny:

Simple smoothie of aloe vera and a little turmeric. These two ingredients are blended with two cups of water and if the flavor cannot be tolerated, add a few drops of lemon and drink it whole. You are going to go to the bathroom several times but soon you will feel much better. You should take it in the morning and before going to sleep for two days.

As you can see, there are many cheap and simple ways for you to heal at home.

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