Glitter On The Tongue: The Latest Fad For Teenagers That Carries Severe Health Risks

Fashion canons can lead young people into risky situations. Why is this new fashion so dangerous?

That young people are innovating all the time to experiment and attract attention not in any novelty. It is something normal of all times. But there is a custom among teenagers that is becoming fashionable in the networks that carries severe risks to the health of those who practice it.

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Jacinta Vokovic is a makeup artist who, according to Portal PopSugar and the news site Mirror, managed to impose an eccentric fashion and accidentally. She was applying glitter (glitter, or glitter) on her lips, when she accidentally fell some of it on her tongue. Because she liked the aesthetic effect so much, she made it popular, and now hundreds of teenagers are copying this new fashion, putting glitter on their tongue and uploading photos to social networks.

“I was doing this Lips look and I got glitter on my tongue, so I thought I would make it the main focus,” said the makeup artist, according to the News site .

Why is it a dangerous fashion?

Glitter tongue. You seen it here first #glitter #glittertongue #sanjuan

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For cosmetic lovers, glitters are inevitably part of the makeup palette. I was a dancer for many years and I must say that I was a fan of glitter tubes, which I spread all over my body to see me shine when dancing.

But it’s one thing to put glitter on your body and quite another to put those tiny plastic particles in your mouth. Although they stick immediately to any wet surface, putting glitter on the tongue means that some part of those particles will inevitably go to your stomach. But the danger is twofold if, in addition, it goes to the respiratory tract.

Clearly, no one says that a tiny piece of plastic will kill a person, but it can cause serious digestive problems. Plastic can break down without being digested, thus causing serious problems for the gut.

Also, a minor problem, but one that must also be taken into account, is that small particles can get between the teeth and you can spend a long time trying to remove them from your teeth. Also, you don’t want to have the whole house full of glitter, do you?

Glitter can be deadly for children

Several deaths have been reported from breathing glitter. Many young children have accidentally breathed in this substance causing it to adhere to the lungs. According to Planet Mom, glitter is a substance made up of Copper, Zinc and other substances that can be potentially toxic. The glitter can be easily inhaled. As they are very small particles, once inhaled they reach the bronchioles and impact the alveoli, preventing normal gas exchange. This situation ends up affecting all organs, especially those that consume more oxygen such as the brain, heart and kidneys.

That is why there is talk of a very dangerous fashion. Not only teenagers are at risk, but all those children who freely and unsupervised manipulate this substance, which, in addition to being fun, is potentially dangerous.

How to avoid risk

Mainly, never let your child manipulate the gliterr freely. If the particles fly through the air or if you accidentally breathe it in, the consequences can be fatal. The first symptom is a cough, as the lungs try to remove the substance from the body. In this case, you must go immediately to the emergency service.

According to La Gaceta, these are some tips to manage glitter avoiding risks:

  • Young children should not work with glitter as it is a volatile substance that can affect the airways if accidentally inhaled.

  • Adults who work with glitter should do so protected with masks that are bought in pharmacies.

  • Use gloves to handle the glitter, since it is a substance so fine that it could get through the pores of the skin or enter through someone injured. Remember that its components are metals such as aluminum and copper.

  • Try not to sprinkle the glitter to prevent it from volatilizing.

  • Although sprinkling with glitter is not recommended, there are jobs that require it. For these cases, it is advisable to use an apron or special clothing

  • If gloves were not used, wash hands thoroughly after using the product. Thoroughly clean the table where you have worked.

  • Avoid contact with young children immediately after handling glitter. Particles can remain on the clothes used and on the hair.

  • Never bring it close to your eyes or mouth

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