Girl Was Disqualified From Her Soccer Team For Looking Like A Boy. Networks Exploit

A girl with a passion for playing soccer was disqualified for looking like a boy. The problem of discrimination can end at home.

Most people enjoy watching a soccer game, it is a way of family integration, between friends and neighbors. The goal is to have fun! However, it should be noted that the participation of women in this sport has not been easy, because it was played by men.

Since the 12th century, in France and Scotland, women have participated in the ball game (soccer). In Glasgow (United Kingdom), it was where the first women’s football match was held in 1892 and thanks to Nettie Honeyball who founded the first sports club called British Ladies Football Club, millions of women have stood out as good players.

An unfortunate case that went viral on social networks was shared by Univisión Noticias and the BBC , where in the XXI century an 8-year-old girl, along with her soccer team, were disqualified from playing the final, for having their hair cut and look like a boy.

Mili Hernández is a girl who plays soccer for the Azzurri Cachorros club team in Omaha Nebraska. Because of her talent, the little girl was promoted by the coach to play on the 11-year-old girls team.

Dear Mili Hernandez, you are amazing in every way. Thank you for teaching us how to be brave and shining a light on something so hurtful. If you don’t know, she is my new hero. Her team was disqualified from a tourney cause they thought she was a boy because of a clerical error that wasn’t handled properly. Let’s meet soon sister.

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The team had qualified for the final of the Springfield club tournament, after winning three games. The director of the championship disqualified Mili’s team on the grounds that the girl looked like a boy.

How is it possible!

Gerardo Hernández, the girl’s father, was very angry and sad, even the family together with club authorities showed documents such as medical insurance to certify the girl’s gender, however, nothing convinced the organizers and the team the final was not played.

The little girl defends herself

Just because he looks like a child doesn’t mean he is. They had no reason to disqualify our entire team ”,“ I just don’t like long hair. When my hair starts to grow, I cut it because I always wore it short.

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Tournament director Lanyard Burgett denied disqualifying Mili’s team for their looks, arguing that he sent off three teams from the same club for multiple infractions. Her story was told by the national and international media, where she received support from two women’s soccer legends Mia Hamm and Abby Wambach.

An action of solidarity

All the teammates took the scissors and cut their hair, as an act of support and humility. Even Wambach commented: “You are inspiring. You are a natural leader. I’m so proud of you. I want to tell you that you don’t look like a boy, you look like a girl, with your hair short, and that’s very good… You can do whatever you want to do. And you can be who you want to be. And you know what? You can look the way you want to look, ”he added.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of news about discrimination, however, parents can do their bit to eradicate this form of behavior, which hurts many people.

The way to achieve this is to teach and reinforce moral values ​​every day such as: love, respect, humility, generosity among others, in that way the little ones will grow respecting others.

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How to teach children not to discriminate

1. Talk

It is important that from a young age children know that we are all different, that each person is unique and special without having to criticize and judge them.

2. Reply

Children will have millions of questions such as Why are children of a different skin color? Why does a child play with dolls? Why do people give nicknames? Etc. It is important to be clear, concise and precise in the answers, without hiding the truth.

3. Your example is important

Children imitate the behavior of their parents, so it is important that you think well before acting or saying something that you do not want your children to learn. Avoid criticizing others, offending and rejecting, on the contrary, it teaches how to help others. Children who suffer discrimination in some aspect, are terribly affected in their feelings and emotions, their self-esteem, security and confidence collapse. Therefore, the support of a specialist is important to help and guide the little ones to get ahead in the face of any adversity.

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