Girl Had An Accident When Wetting Her Pants At School, Her Father Surprised Her Doing Something That Not Any Father Would Do; And The Networks Explode

Learn about the story, why kids potty while they’re at school, and when it’s a reason for CONCERN.

All parents strive for children to quickly learn to put off the diaper and teach themselves to go to the bathroom. In addition to drastically reducing the family economy, it is a great satisfaction that they manage to control their toilet training, every time they go out on the street. This way, you don’t have to carry around a big, clunky diaper bag with wipes, diapers, clean clothes, oil, ointments, talcum powder etc.

The task for parents is not easy, many times children have accidents and urinate or defecate before reaching the toilet, which causes them to feel ashamed, affecting their self-esteem, confidence and security.

The story that makes thousands laugh and surprises many

An extraordinary case that reflects the love of a father, Little Things reported , it is Valerie Sowards, a small 6-year-old girl, suffered an accident at school. She did not reach the bathroom and wet her pants.

Valerie was very distraught and embarrassed; so the school principal called the parents to pick her up. The father named Ben, found out what happened, knew that his little girl was crying and wanted to go home. When the father arrived at school, it was a great surprise, because the girl saw that his father’s pants were wet, just like him.

Parents do anything for their children

Ben wished his daughter wasn’t embarrassed by what happened, so he intentionally wet her pants, to show her that she was not alone. The photos were shared on Facebook and Twitter.

All parents want their children not to suffer and we are capable of doing everything possible to make them happy. A small act of love, like the one Ben performed, is so important, to reinforce your little girl’s self-esteem, security and confidence.

Why do children urinate?

It is known as enuresis, it is the involuntary urinary incontinence of urine in children. In general, it occurs frequently twice a week, the appropriate age for children to control their toilet bowls during the day is 3 years, if they pass it is considered a problem, and at night it is around 6 years, in most cases. (It all depends on the maturity of each child).

When is it no longer normal?

From the age of 6, if the child continues to urinate, seek guidance from a specialist.

What are the causes?

1. Medical causes

Attention deficit, hyperactivity, constipation, slow bladder development, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, active diaphragm, anatomical abnormalities of the urinary tract, urinary tract infection, kidney disease, can even be hereditary.

2. Behavioral causes

Excessive fluid intake at night, the child does not relate the filling of the bladder with the need to urinate, altered dreams that causes difficulty waking up at night to urinate.

3. Emotional and psychological causes

Anxiety, fears, or insecurities

They happen when the child presents changes in his life, such as: the loss of a loved one, the arrival of a new brother, change of residence, new school or any stressful situation. Sometimes they watch TV shows that scare them.

Much and little love

Some children urinate to get their parents’ attention. When they experience problematic situations in their environment such as: domestic violence. Otherwise it may be that the parents overprotect the child, celebrating and not repressing their behavior.

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It is important to be alert and not think that children are lazy and do not want to go to the bathroom, parents often apply punishments and cause their classmates or strangers to make fun of them, affecting their safety. Observe the behavior of your child and do not hesitate to go to a specialist, if you think she may have a physiological problem.

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