Getting To Know Each Other – Again

Do you feel like you and your partner are growing apart? Sometimes it’s just a matter of asking the right question and giving the right answer to change course.

They are things that happen. Life is busy, and you feel like you and your partner are growing apart. While raising children it may seem like that is all they have to talk about. Over time, children grow up, move, and you are left looking for conversation starters other than just about electricity and water bills. Sometimes it’s just a matter of asking the right question and giving the right answer.

It can be scary to open up, especially if it’s been a long time, but it can also be an exciting adventure. To rediscover the person you married, start by asking about their dreams as a child. What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you do it already or did you change course? Remember when they just started dating and spent those long nights talking? They were full of conversations of dreams and hopes.

Life is sometimes full of concern for details. Talk about what life would be like without time or money restrictions. How would they pass the time? What would your priorities be?

To start a conversation for sure, try to recount your most embarrassing moment. It must be that mortifying moment in your life when you felt totally exposed and vulnerable.

After you’ve entrusted your partner with your most embarrassing moment, discuss the one thing that makes you proudest in your life.

Do you know what is the favorite food in your partner’s fantasies? Have a chat about childhood desserts. This conversation could lead to some amazing nights out to fulfill those culinary fantasies. Although it could be in your own kitchen making homemade burgers.

Definition of moments. Can you look back and remember a turning point that changed the course of your life? Maybe it was a decision you had to make or someone you knew. Compare those moments and see if it led to the same destination.

A good way to get to know yourself one more time is to have a deep conversation about your spiritual beliefs. Do you know what your partner really believes in? Have your views changed over the years?

The people around us shape us. Share who is the person you most admire, or who is your role model. Find out why that person is important. The thing is to learn the history and the adventures of each.

Another way to get to know each other is to find out what your partner likes and doesn’t like. Talk about your favorite books, movies, and TV shows, and then talk about the ones you don’t like. Have their tastes become more similar or more different from yours? Is there an activity that you have shared with your partner that he has come to appreciate and want to do for himself?

Lastly, set a time that is free from distractions. Turn off the phone and choose a comfortable place to share your feelings of love and appreciation. Be specific and give examples of some things your partner has done to improve your life. Take your time and speak from the heart.

Getting to know each other again is not just an adventure, but a priceless gift.

Translated and adapted into Spanish by Amiel Cocco  from the original Getting to know each other – again by author Connie Lewis

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