“getting Divorced Is Almost As Painful As Death”, A Man Confesses

What a man actually feels when a woman asks for a divorce

«When my mother passed away, I felt that everything was lost. It was precisely that feeling that came back to me, many years later, when I separated, painfully from my wife »is what Ramón confessed to us, a man who at 42 years of age had to accept the divorce that his wife asked for when he believed that things were “normal.”

Do you want to know how his story was? Well, here we talk about it so that if you are a man and you are reading this, you understand the feeling that he experienced when he found out that his wife wanted to separate from him, you could fall some twenty.

“Things were fine” “I remember it was a marriage like any other, with its ups and downs. We lived well, she lacked nothing. We both worked to move forward with our home, we have two children whom we adore above all things ”is what Ramón said when we asked him about his relationship with his wife.

«I remember that I believed that as in all marriages (and in all human relationships), arguing was something normal, I tried to do everything on my part to calm things down and although many times she got too excited, next day and little by little things returned to normal ”, is what the protagonist of this story tells when describing a little more about his marriage and the conflicts that existed between them.

«But suddenly, one day things changed» «It was the month of January because it was very cold, I remember that suddenly she began to change her attitude towards me: she became very cold, she no longer asked me how I was doing, nor He sent me messages on my cell phone, well, everything was very distant. At night she would arrive very late saying that she had had a lot of work, but the next day she felt happy; She fixed herself up and went to work looking very good, that happened from one day to the next, that’s when I began to suspect that there was someone else “, is what Ramón tells about the moment in which she felt that things changed in their

“I looked into her eyes and asked her if she still loved me” “Thus the months and weeks began to pass, practically the scene that I told you before was the same every day. So one fine day I plucked up the courage, I waited for him awake and started talking with him, I told him that if he still loved me or what was happening between us, he could not contain himself and he replied that no, that he. .

«Divorce feels like death» «And although I tried to calm her down and ask for a new opportunity to conquer her, she did not want to, we started the divorce proceedings and really, the experience of having lost my mother is the one that I felt closest at this moment, I don’t wish it on anyone! Today I am much calmer, but it is definitely a painful chapter in my life that day by day I am learning to live with it. you go through such a process.


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