Get Ready To Meet The Love Of Your Life

Turn your relationships into a safe bet by preparing to receive the right person.

They say that at the beginning of time human beings had two heads, two trunks, four arms and four legs. But it happened that the gods feared us because we were too strong; however, destroying us was not an option because they would have no one to adore them. The Solomonic solution was to divide ourselves: since then we have been looking for those other arms, that other head, that other heart that we lack.

But to fall in love with our right person we must first be prepared to receive it. Finding love is a stroke of luck, and let’s remember that luck is preparation plus opportunity, because although we all want to suddenly stumble and make sense of everything, the reality is that it does not work that way.

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Many believe that finding love is about the other person, but no, it is more than anything about us. For example, if we have never seen a diamond we can never know that we have one in front of us, that is why we must first be familiar with love in order to recognize it.

1. You need to have self-esteem

I remember when I was just beginning my teens I felt that no boy would notice me. That did not happen, but it did happen that due to my poor self-esteem I demanded to be perfect because I did not consider myself valuable enough. It’s sad, I know. But so that it does not happen to you, respect yourself, love yourself, and be aware of all that you are worth, do not wait for someone else to define your value.

2. Recognize that you deserve the best

Better known bad than good to know, a phrase that although few of us like it, the truth is that we are quite attached to it. If you are able to appreciate your worth, you will have no problem enjoying your relationships, because without a doubt you will be with whoever allows you to be you in the way you decide.

3. Get to know yourself first

There is no magic, if you know who you are you will know what you like and that will make things much easier when you need to identify how that person you want by your side should be. Knowing is power, don’t forget it. Get to know yourself and you will know what the ideal person is like for you.

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4. Have realistic expectations

Many want relationships to be like those in stories or movies. The truth is that life is much more complicated than that, both books and cinematography only cover a space of time, using them as a reference will lead us to failure.

5. Look for meeting points

They say that opposites attract, and I cannot deny that to some extent this is true, but if they go to different destinations they will end up moving away. Try to be with those who see a future if not the same, at least similar to the one you are visualizing, only then will you ensure that they walk together.

It may happen that we feel that he or she fits us perfectly, but the truth is that that person never comes ready-made, but they are pieces that we must assemble. There are no perfect people, they may seem so to us, but even in those cases it will always be necessary to polish to achieve its maximum splendor.

Love not only passes through the heart, our mind must be equally committed to feelings, the last thing we want when falling in love is for it to be a story with an ending. Turn your relationships into a viable bet by making sure you are prepared to receive the one.

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