Get Dancing. It Is An Extraordinary Therapy

Dancing offers many physical, mental, and emotional benefits to the person who enjoys it and tries through music and dance to remove stress and negative emotions that are affecting their life.

We do not need to go through a traumatic event, to know that sometimes we need to get levels of stress or emotions that are affecting us. The problem is that we do not know how to do this, or we even think we need professional help, but for various reasons it is not an option. If this sounds familiar and you like dancing, you may be surprised to learn that dancing is an excellent therapy for dealing with stress and negative emotions. The simple act of dancing helps, but when we do it with the purpose of bringing out what we carry within, it is really a therapeutic activity.

We can dance with a therapeutic approach when before starting the dance we focus on the purpose or goal we want to achieve, in many cases feeling better. We can also achieve this when, at the same time we dance, we think about our situation and feel that through music and steps, we are literally taking out what we carry inside. You don’t have to dance every day to get results, but depending on your stress level, once or twice a week helps a lot. And why do you get results? The following data will help you better understand why dancing can benefit us so much.

  1. Our culture is corporeal. For some people, putting feelings into words can be difficult. Fortunately, the psychologist Albert Mehrabian discovered that only 7% of what we say, we say it using words; 38% of our message is in tone of voice and 55% in Body Language. That is, almost all of our emotions are transmitted through the movements of our body. We are a lot of hugs, kisses, holding hands among many other things. This is why, as a culture, most of us are given and like dance because without noticing it we communicate a lot of who we are through our bodily expressions. It is for this very reason that when we dance, and we do it with a therapeutic purpose, we can communicate what sometimes cannot with words and in this way we release stress and other negative emotions.

  2. Dancing is a type of exercise. Any type of exercise benefits our emotional state, and dancing is no exception. Dancing is an exercise where we use the muscles of almost the entire body. That causes heart palpitations to increase, carrying oxygen throughout the body, which in turn helps our brain produce hormones that help us deal with stress and make us feel satisfied and happy.

  3. Dancing includes music in the environment. Music and dance express concepts and emotions with a force that words cannot. When we choose the right type of music for our purpose, we can not only heal through dance, but also by listening to the type of music that we feel reflects what we carry within or precisely what we want to bring out. It is important to mention that listening to music without dancing benefits, but dancing to music triples the benefits for the person doing it.

We do not have to look for complicated ways to release emotions, we can do it in the comfort of our home or with the help of friends and / or friends who enjoy dancing. Dancing brings many physical and emotional benefits for the person who does it frequently and with the purpose of not only having fun but also to bring out what is hurting us inside.

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