Forgetting Pride And Pride Saved My Marriage

God is faithful, and he keeps his promises. Constant prayer, overcoming pride, and trusting him can do many miracles for your partner.

Marisela was born into a Catholic home, but she did not share her parents’ values. She was what we know today as “non-practitioner.” This situation is common in some young people, who do not follow the religions of the elders, but consider them simply as traditions.

At 27 years of age, she married her boyfriend, a few months pregnant with what would be their first daughter. Completing the steps required to make her religious wedding a reality seemed overwhelming.

It bothered her that they asked for so much paperwork: premarital talks, photographs of the bride and groom in various temples, but already on track, she completed the request, annoyingly wondering the meaning of so much paperwork and interview. Both were irritated: why not let them marry and now?

When the problems in their marriage began, Marisela understood a little of the heavy procedures that were required of her: they tried to make them aware of the great step they were taking: committing themselves before God to share their whole life in good times and in bad.

Marriage it broke

« Our ignorance and rebellion took its toll on us very soon; After 6 months of fighting and yelling, my husband left home . I was left alone with our daughter, who was just a few months old, in our apartment. Heartbroken, between hormones and responsibilities, our marriage was destroyed in the blink of an eye, says Marisela in aarticle.

She had no hope, because her husband wanted nothing to do with her. In this way, without looking for him or talking to him, he began a process of inner healing and renewal of faith that today has given a new meaning to his life.

“Jesus found me”

Desperate at the separation from her husband, and with her daughter of a few months at home, Marisela sought support in many places: therapies, psychologists, dialogue with friends, but nothing seemed to help.

Then, he opened the Bible, and found in Matthew 6:33 the answer: ” Seek first the Kingdom of God and his divine justice and everything will be given to you in addition .”

Marisela clung tooth and nail to that response from God: « For the world it seemed impossible that my marriage could be saved, but for God it was not only possible, it was a promise. I took this promise, I clung to it with all my strength,  I began to work on my conversion, to study the Bible, to pray tirelessly, and I allowed God to mold me  as the potter molds clay .

Friendship with the world is enmity towards God

In the Letter of Santiago in the Bible, Marisela found a phrase that became her compass: « O adulterous souls! Don’t you know that the friendship of the world is enmity towards God? Therefore, whoever wants to be a friend of the world constitutes himself an enemy of God. 

Her marriage had been together for only six months, and she received much advice from people close to her urging her to “get her life back together,” suggesting that she was blind in pretending to respect her husband and pray that they would get back together.

She, true to the word she received, did not listen to them.

Today, she has emotion, that she has become a marriage counselor, and that gave her great happiness that the first surprised were her “advisers” who tried to demoralize her month after month, and invited her to stop fighting for what they considered a cause lost.

“I took possession of an infallible weapon: prayer”

On the way, Marisela found another beacon of light along the way in a beautiful promise from the book of Genesis: man and woman « will be one flesh «.

Recognizing that Jesus has the words of eternal life, she prayed with patience and love for the necessary time. Today, satisfied, she relates:

My husband was transformed through the power of the sacrament of marriage which establishes that he and I are one flesh. By the power of the Holy Spirit and without a single word from my mouth, my husband was convinced by God and directed by God to return home.

At times, demoralized by the months and years that passed, Marisela doubted if her prayers reached the will of her husband, who seemed very satisfied with the distance between the two. Today, that they have been together again, he congratulates himself: God knows how to wait for man to want to follow his will, and he rewards hope and faith. Furthermore, this has been an important lesson in humility for this faithful wife:

Today I am happy that it was so, because that allowed me not to take even a little bit of merit,  that the name of God be exalted, and that the power manifested by the sacrament of marriage be glorified “, he says.

“I took the beam out of my eye first”

After seeing her husband leave the common house, Marisela was victimized. She had stayed home! He was gone! For weeks she found comfort by feeling “good” and attacking her husband who had abandoned her and their baby.

With time and prayer, Marisela began to realize her actions that had broken the family harmony, and she stopped praying only for her husband, now praying for both of them. Along this path, she realized that if she wanted to regain her relationship, and live the promise she had made before God, she had to start with her and change her heart.

«I stopped judging my husband for his actions and left the future in the hands of God. This had a very strong impact on my spiritual life, “she says with conviction.

Marisela experienced a great inner liberation when she stopped being overwhelmed by getting particular changes in her husband. Did what the christian movieWar room she suggests with comic style: ” Don’t try to change your husband, leave him in the hands of God, and then bend down, God’s grace will hit your husband! He will change .”

A perfect triangle

One truth that this woman understood from the first big problem was that they had not founded their marriage on God. Each had tried to fight with their strength. From the suffering and loneliness, after the breakup, this woman promised herself that she would never allow this to happen again.

When they finally got back together after five long years, they tried to make the marriage a perfect triangle: he, God, and her.

This involved an arduous and complicated path. Letting go of pride, resentment, loneliness, it was very hard. HesorryIt was another difficult challenge, because when we have been injured, we do not like to expose ourselves again. However, she remembered Christ’s request in the Gospel of Matthew: Lord, how many times will my brother sin against me that I should forgive him? Up to seven times? Jesus said to him: I do not tell you up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven ».

The case of Marisela and her family is one more story that shows how great our God is: today he continues to raise the dead, giving sight to the blind and feeding the hungry.

If your marriage, your family are dead, your vision is clouded and blurred by sin, sadness and loneliness, and if your heart is hungry for love, turn to Him!

As you know, He is always there, He only asks us to knock on His door. Have faith! He will open, hold your hand, and rewrite with you a beautiful story of forgiveness, redemption, and resurrection.

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