Forbidden To Die Before Doing This For Your Children

I thought I had already done everything and had everything under control until I read this article. Don’t go to die without doing this first.

That day started like any other. The rush of each morning was the same. He had left the children at school. Then, on the way to work, my friend advanced to the change of the traffic light, which indicated her right to continue. Fortunately, she advanced slowly. A second later he was maneuvering to avoid colliding with a car that had not respected the traffic light.

It was a day like another, but it could have been different. If I had moved faster, today maybe the story would be different. That second gave him the awareness that we all should have. The fragility of life and the responsibility that as parents we have towards our children and their future.

We all wish to have a long life full of blessings. And many of us do not like to think about these issues. However, it never hurts to take the necessary precautions. There are two important aspects when it comes to protecting our children: the emotional and the financial. I think it would be best to have a will in which we address these two main points.

Affective aspect.

In this section we must analyze each of our circumstances. The situation of a mother or father who educates their children alone is not the same as that of a couple, united or separated, who educate them in a shared responsibility. In the first case, the parents are alone and when they are absent, their child will need a tutor who is responsible for the children’s education. In the second scenario, if the mother is missing, the father would be responsible for raising the children, or vice versa. Even in this case, the ideal would be to appoint a guardian in case both parents were absent. The laws are similar in different countries; although it would be ideal to investigate the legal aspect of our country. Usually, in the absence of parents, the children’s grandparents or uncles are resorted to, in the absence of any legal document that indicates the parents’ desire for a special person to be appointed guardian. However, as parents we can decide who would be the ideal person to assume this responsibility. It can be someone we absolutely trust, to whom our children are united in some way. Someone that we know would be able to raise our children with a love similar to the one we grant. We may be looking for individuals who have religious beliefs or educational ideas similar to ours.

Financial aspect.

In addition to appointing a guardian for your child, it is necessary to appoint an executor, who is the person designated by the testator with the specific function of executing what is reflected in the will. Their duties include managing assets, paying debts and everything related to the financial aspect. Their obligation ends when the children reach the age of majority, or that stipulated in the will. That is, at the time of delivering the assets to the heirs. Once the decision is made there are other issues to consider. For example:

  • It is advisable that you talk to the people you want to name as responsible for your children. You should ask them if they would agree to the new responsibilities in this hypothetical situation.

  • If you raise your child as a single mother or father, it is important that you legalize their situation. If the father or mother of your child, even if she has never been in her life before, claims her parental rights when you are absent, it is very likely that she is the one to whom the judge will grant custody. It would be a good time to have a conversation with him or her; perhaps, give her one last chance to get closer to her son. If not, you could ask him to sign the loss of parental authority.

  • It would be a good idea to get your children’s opinion of the person you want to be their guardian.

There is no one who can replace a parent. But there are people who can love your children as much as you love them. Someone once told me that parents should live until their children need them. So I asked myself, is there a time when a father is not needed? You know that your children will always require you. But leaving them protected in your absence will make you feel a little calmer.

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