For Mothers Who Have Become Their Children’s “teachers”

Has the pandemic forced you to take on more responsibilities than you had? Being a mom and a teacher at the same time can be exhausting. Here I share some ideas to relax you in this new mission.

Many countries are still experiencing the health emergency due to the coronavirus; Although the economy was reactivated and people began to take to the streets with the “ new normal ”, the educational institutions are closed, perhaps for a long time until the authorities authorize it, this will be when the pandemic is controlled.

For this reason, all students in the world have had to learn through technology with the distance classes,since it is necessary that they ” stay at home ” to avoid being infected. In some countries the new way of education has worked, but in others it has not; since there are many neighboring towns that do not have internet service and that has complicated the transmission of learning.

Perhaps taking lessons from home is fun for young students and even less stressful as they don’t have to get up early to run to school in the morning; plus they apparently have more free time to play. However, for parents this new method of study may be an inappropriate method, because now mothers have had to take on the role of teachers of their children, which is not easy.

It is worth mentioning that some mothers not only take care of their home, some women also go out to work to contribute to the family economy, and that for obvious reasons has complicated their lifestyle to the extent of affecting their physical and emotional health.

Women and mothers in times of the coronavirus

Being women, mothers, wives, workers and also teachers, is not an easy role to exercise; It is not the same to take your children to school and support them with some tasks at home than to teach them the complete lessons on a daily basis, that stresses anyone!, since responsibilities are increased.

Despite the cruel scenario, all mothers have made an effort so that their children can fulfill their homework and study. They have become invincible fighters, capable of returning to learnings that perhaps they no longer remembered or that they had stopped practicing; all for the well-being of your little ones.

The problem is that the pandemic has left many loose ends ; We could say that the true objective of children learning has diminished. “Studying at home” gives students the opportunity to lower their level of school performance, perhaps because there is no schedule to follow.

Mommy, take a breath!

In order to bear the burden of responsibilities and thus avoid seriously affecting your health, I leave you some recommendations:

1 Do not break with the routine

Get your children used to following a routine similar to what they were used to when they went to school. That is, get up early, have breakfast, wash up and turn on your mobile device to be present in your remote classes. When school is supposed to be dismissed, they will be done with their lessons for the day.

Afterwards, it will be time to eat and enjoy a family meal, as well as to distract and relax. In the afternoons, when they were used to sitting down to carry out their tasks, it is the same time they should respect. The idea is that they continue with a routine and not, for the pretext of being at home, leave their earrings unfinished.

2 Support material

One of the advantages is that with the internet it is possible to learn more easily; therefore it is convenient that you can support yourself by looking tools visuals that will help your children understand the lessons; I mean tutorials, movies or videos on Youtube.

This support material will be useful for your children and for you, as they will help you remember those learnings that you may no longer have very present. You can even ask the teacher what material he recommends.

3 Don’t do your homework!

As a mother and a teacher, I know that it is much easier do the children’s homework, as long as you have time to do other earrings. But in doing so you are making a serious mistake. Instead of benefiting them, you will be harming them, since they will not have that essential knowledge to develop in life.

Constant support and guidance is important for children to carry out their tasks (especially when they are young), in the end you will have to learn to let them go and let them make their effort to comply. Remember that it is part of parenting to make them independent and responsible.

4 keep calm

It’s common to explode and let negative emotions flow in a second, as stress can lead you to easily lose control. However, it is necessary to learn to control these outbursts of despair, hysteria and lack of control when teaching children the lessons of school. Take a few minutes to calm down, take a deep breath and exhale as many times as necessary; Mothers are often not used to being patient with their children when it comes to explaining school subjects to them.

5 Transform the environment

One of the advantages of learning at home is that you can have facilities to motivate your children to take their distance classes in a fun way; something that many times is impossible to happen in schools.

Perhaps social isolation can make your children feel sad and unmotivated by not seeing their friends from school; however, you can help them feel better by applying other study techniques.

For example: put on relaxing music when they are doing their activities or use things you have at home to reinforce knowledge. One idea is to use the toys to teach them the creation of the universe or play with a ball to explain the subject of gravity, among other things.

Being mothers and teachers of children can be a positive thing. Reflect on it, now you have more time to spend with your family, you will be more aware of the learning they receive and you can contribute to the formation of their knowledge. Courage, soon the children will return to school!

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