Foods That Will Help You Prevent Diabetes And Protect Your Family

Diabetes has become one of the most recurrent diseases in the world, do you know how to prevent it? Here I share some recommendations.

In this 21st century, one of the public health conditions that most tormented health authorities worldwide is diabetes, since it has become one of the diseases with the highest number of cases on the entire planet. This has to do with obesity levels on all continents as well as changes in people’s lifestyle.

Fortunately, a report by the University of Texas health area has revealed that there are various foods that, if consumed repeatedly, could help prevent the appearance of this great problem.

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It is worth mentioning that none of them are miraculous, they only help the body, so they do not exempt us from having to practice some physical activity or eating in a healthy way every day. I suggest you include the foods that I will mention below in the diet of all your family members, since it is a reality that diabetes does not respect ages.

1. Beans

These are very characteristic of the Mexican diet and are great allies to prevent diabetes, since they have high levels of protein and fiber, which by acting in the body, allow to dilute the concentrations of sugar found in the blood, helping to cells can properly use sugar for fuel.

2. Cinnamon powder

Cinnamon contains a component that helps cells become much more receptive to insulin, so that once they take it up, they can easily transform it into energy. According to the study done by the aforementioned university, it is recommended that people consume half a tablespoon of cinnamon daily in various meals. Cinnamon also gives food a delicious flavor.

3. Fish

Consuming them is a wonder for your body. Especially those that are cold water such as salmon or cod, which have high levels of omega 3, which is a substance that helps reduce the high concentration of cholesterol in the blood. It is worth mentioning that it is recommended that it be consumed as naturally as possible, the less seasonings you add, the better results will be observed, and eating three times a week is more than enough.

4. Tomatoes

This legume that is present in a great variety of stews in Mexican cuisine can be a great ally against diabetes. The recommendation is that it be eaten raw or roasted in a salad, since when combined with other ingredients (such as in a sauce) it loses its high content of vitamins C, E and iron, which help reduce blood sugar levels.

5. Bitter chocolate

This food that is so close to the Mexican diet is a wonder, since it contains substances known as flavonols, which help the cells to have a better response to the presence of insulin. In addition, dark chocolate contains low levels of fat, which is why it helps the body a lot.

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You already know, including these foods in moderation can help you avoid that disease known as “the silent enemy” prey to it. Remember that all this, accompanied by a healthy lifestyle and physical activity, will help you reduce the chances of diabetes onset. Put them in your diet now!

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