First Doubt Your Doubts, Before Doubting Your Faith

Trust in the Lord and do good, live on earth and be faithful. Love the Lord tenderly and he will fulfill your deepest desires ”(Psalm 37, 3-4). While the doubt says, “Stop!”

Doubt and faith are two old companions of life, who have tacitly declared war on each other. They are respectful to each other, because where one is, the other does not exist. The human being chooses which of the two to turn to in times of crisis; while doubt says, “Stop!”, faith, “Trust and move on!” Have you ever wondered which of the two accompanies you in life? Imagine that doubt and faith are in the same ring. Support your favorite and look forward.

Look at the essence of each one and how doubting or trusting marks our lives:

The doubt. Although this, to a certain degree, is necessary, it helps you to be a little more cautious and objective when making decisions, preventing you from throwing yourself into a situation without analyzing it. Living in doubt can be exhausting, because uncertainty and insecurity sap your inner fear. Whoever doubts always becomes a pessimistic being who finds a but in everything; He is usually a lonely person, because if someone consults him about his projects, he will end up saying that it will not work, and this will make others leave.

Those who distrust everything live hopelessly, easily lose their illusion, get frustrated, take every step with fear, never take risks, their lives become monotonous because fear immobilizes them, incapacitates them, and the fear that something dwells in their minds bad is going to happen to them, or to their loved ones.

Have you ever thought how many times a day you need to trust others? Without realizing it, every day you entrust your existence and that of your loved ones to others: the bus driver, the plane pilot, the babysitter who takes care of your children or perhaps at work you depend on the responsibility and commitment of others. So what does your life turn into if you don’t learn to trust? Read the following article’re not invisible to God.

Who should you put your trust in?

Human beings are imperfect by nature, we make mistakes; That is why your trust should never be placed in people, but in God. He will know how to arrange everything so that you are always safe, in all places and in all situations; learn to trust him and rest in his strength, because in yours you cannot.

The word of God brings a beautiful message in Matthew 17:20 for those who become a little unbelieving, “Truly I tell you, if you had faith, even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain: here to there, and the mountain will move, nothing would be impossible ».


It is the most wonderful gift that the human being has been able to receive. Learn to trust without seeing! Faith is having the certainty that what is expected will be received. The sacred scriptures teach us, in multiple passages, the need to trust God, to believe and be thankful for the miracle, even when we have not seen it.

Those who trust almost always see their dreams come true, and when things do not go as expected, they are optimistic, because they are sure that something better will come; He is seldom discouraged, his strength is in God. If someday people fail you, you understand that they are human beings, but you know that God will comfort you with his love and help you regain your lost faith. Whoever trusts learns to wait in the Lord’s time and recognizes the opportune moment to act; he enjoys every moment in life more and his thoughts are not contaminated with gloomy ideas of misfortune and fear; always has a word of encouragement for others, it is light that illuminates the darkness in the midst of despair.

Psalm 37: 5 says, “Surrender to the Lord everything you do, trust Him and He will help you.” Do you just need to trust so that everything goes as you expect? I believe that, in addition to trust, it is necessary that you review your heart and your intentions and that you always ask yourself if that miracle that you expect from heaven will be a blessing for your life and for the lives of those around you. Perhaps there you will find the answer to silence or the fact that you still do not see what you expect. Find in this other article the promises that God has for you.

Choose to trust instead of doubting, believe in miracles, believe, because for God there is nothing impossible.


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