Find Out What The Color Of Your Clothes, That You Wear Most Often, Says About Your Personality

It is always important to know how to dress, since the first thing we project is the image. Find out what the color of clothes you wear says about you.

The way we choose to dress says a lot about ourselves, it is the way we project before others, our profession, customs, ambitions, state of mind, security, confidence and it is part of each person’s personality.

Many times trends (fashion) are a factor that influences people to choose certain styles, as well as the occasion, however, a certain type of color that pleases us and makes us feel good always predominates in the closet.

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The psychology of color is a guide that helps us choose the colors that we should wear appropriately, to dazzle anyone under any circumstance. Therefore, it is important to take certain rules of etiquette before buying or selecting your clothes.

It is worth mentioning the famous Mexican saying that says “Tell me how you dress and I will tell you who you are”, since the image we want to reflect is decisive for social relationships. Unfortunately, there are people who for their simple appearance are rejected, humiliated and criticized without measure.

Before mentioning the meaning of colors in clothing, it is important to take into account these recommendations:

1. Dress for the occasion

It may be that you have a work appointment where you must dress formally or that you go to a family gathering where informality and comfort are elementary. You should always choose your clothing according to the time of your event, for example: if it is daytime the recommended colors are warm and striking, if it is at night, dark colors are usually used.

2. Dress according to your age

Many times the mistake is made of choosing clothes that are not according to age. If you are very young, try to dress comfortable, relaxed and letting your attributes show off appropriately, if you are an adult you should choose clothes that help you perfect and shape your body. You must be aware of what you want to project and accept your age, otherwise you will be criticized and you will feel ridiculous and uncomfortable.

3. Don’t overdo your image

Excess makeup can make your outfit look ridiculous, even if it’s very cute. Avoid putting on makeup as if you were going to an evening event every day, remember that the more natural it is, the more attractive.

Now, what do the colors of your personality say?


It is a very positive, cheerful color and projects confidence and good humor. It is recommended to use it to solve problems or exams, since it activates memory, concentration, creativity and attention; counteracting fatigue and nerves. It is a color to attract attention, they are outgoing and fun people. You will project tranquility and joy and that you are constantly looking for happiness.


stimulates creativity and communication, it is ideal to use it to help counteract shyness. It is used a lot for team work or when you have a meeting. It is an associated color for wisdom, sociability and communication. It is a striking color that reflects youth, extroversion and strong emotions. You project fun and intense social life.


It is related to strengthening love relationships, anger and joy, reinforces self-esteem, security and confidence. It is ideal for being sociable, however, it can project aggressiveness, irritation and fatigue. It is an attractive color that increases the circulation of the body. The people who use it are passionate and strong, and they are clear about their goals.


It is a color related to tranquility and relaxation, reducing impatience, stress and anxiety. People who wear blue are unsocial, trustworthy, faithful, responsible people who adapt in any situation and who generally have balance in their lives.


It relates to nature, projects freshness, vitality, good humor, calls out and reassures, counteracting aggressiveness, nervousness and impatience. In addition, it reflects a lot of vitality, strength and power. In general, people who use it want to be unique by attracting attention.

Purples and violets

: It is related to lighting, projecting strength, strengthening self-esteem and security, it is a color with a lot of power. The people who use it are dreamy, loving, affectionate with a deep desire to find a good romantic relationship; also that they are calm, relaxed, open-minded without prejudice. They usually want to attract attention.


: It is purity, harmony, balance, positive, clean. It is the color that is associated with health and creativity. Therefore, the color white is used in the wedding dress. The people who use it are linked to spirituality.


It is the absence of color, however, it is the most used in clothing, it projects elegance, power, stability, intelligence, seriousness and silence. It is associated with authority and respect for being mysterious. It is recommended to use it to converse in privacy or in a meeting.


it is related to the feminine, tenderness, goodness, dreams and illusions. It is seductive and passionate. The people who use it are stable, childish and creative.


They are serious, reserved, calm, however, they project little emotional stability, they are not very inactive and creative. They are very cautious people when making decisions and distrustful.

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Colors say a lot about your personality and your mood. Take care of your appearance and most importantly, look beautiful, comfortable and feminine.

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