Find Out How To Prepare For A Normal Delivery! New Study Reveals How To Avoid The Operating Room On The Most Important Day Of Your Life

How to bring your baby in the cutest way, if you start by following these steps from the beginning.

Women, naturally and ancestrally, are prepared to give birth. No one has “taught” a woman how to bring a child into the world, but it is true that there are various factors that promote natural childbirth and others that lead to a cesarean section.

In recent decades, a surge in favor of natural and respected childbirth has become evident, as the rate of caesarean sections has been growing at an accelerated rate throughout the world. And although no woman is going to be less a mother for having her child by cesarean section, the truth is that a natural birth is more beneficial in most cases, both for the baby and the mother.

When I got pregnant I dedicated myself to learning about everything related to pregnancy and childbirth. I was looking for a natural birth, and above all respected. However, nature had other plans for me, as my daughter came “sitting” and I had a cesarean section at week 39. However, when the subject comes up with other women, I always choose to talk about the benefits of natural childbirth and how women are genetically programmed to give birth.

Giving birth in postmodernity

We can trust ourselves, do relaxation exercises, put on music in the background and even take a big ball that is used in the prepartum course, but many times medical institutions are not prepared to receive a woman who wants to give to light freely, and make us believe that it is best to lie on a stretcher. However, it is proven that the more freedom of movement a woman has, the more successful his delivery will be.

In recent decades, many countries have focused on the type of primary care that pregnant women receive in public institutions; not only during the control of the entire pregnancy but after delivery. In this way, conditions have been improved and women reconnect with themselves to achieve a more pleasant and safe natural birth.

Benefits of natural childbirth

The reasons that health institutions are advocating for more natural births are extremely valid, and have to do with the positive effects that a birth has on the baby and his mother. Some of those advantages are:

  • A quick connection and meeting between mom and baby
  • Promotes and improves breastfeeding
  • Fewer medical interventions
  • Greater respect for the times of the baby mama dyad
  • The empowerment of women
  • Improves the baby’s immune system, by soaking up its mother’s bacteria after birth
  • Childbirth guides the times and doctors are just helpers and spectators

Factors that favor childbirth

According to a popular science article published in BMC Pregnancy, there are certain factors that promote natural childbirth. They are:

  • Freedom of movement for women
  • Free position during labor (sitting, squatting, or whatever the mother wants)
  • Primary care throughout pregnancy
  • More natural philosophy on the part of medical institutions

Other important factors

  • Healthy habits
  • Healthy diet
  • Daily exercise
  • Daily relaxation moments, such as listening to music or taking a shower
  • Move freely when you have contractions

Follow what your body dictates

Preparing for a natural birth involves putting into play not only the physical abilities of our species but also all of our ancestral wisdom. A woman who is in labor goes into a trance, connects with the depths of her being, with the roots of the universe itself. Speculating that a doctor knows which position is the best at that moment is to take away all the wisdom of our generation, which has been bringing children into the world for millennia. Trust that you can. And if you need a cesarean section and it will save your child’s life and yours, welcome.

Necessary caesarean sections

I had two caesarean sections. And the scars remind me of how brave I was, while bringing to mind the wonderful moments lived with the births of my children. Although natural childbirth is ideal, it is not always “best” for mothers. In some cases, surgical intervention is necessary because without it, both the life of the baby and that of the mother may be at risk.

According to the American Pregnanc Organization and the reasons for carrying out a cesarean delivery are:

  • Previous placenta
  • Placental abruption
  • Ruptured uterus
  • The baby comes sitting
  • Umbilical cord prolapse
  • Fetal suffering
  • Labor that does not progress
  • Active genital herpes
  • Mother’s diabetes
  • Preeclampsia
  • Birth defects
  • Multiple birth

Therefore, in these cases, it is extremely beneficial to have a cesarean section, as two lives are being saved. No mother will be “more” or “less” mother according to the type of birth of her child, since simply the miraculous act of harboring and giving birth to a life is already a blessing.

Get ready to receive your baby

If you are pregnant, find a doctor and an institution where they ensure that you can move freely during labor. You can rely on a counselor, and above all, you can start by becoming more informed and connecting with your feminine essence. Bringing a baby into the world is one of the most beautiful tasks that God gave us. It is an honor to have the ability to do so.

And you, have you had or are you looking to have a natural birth?

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