Fight Against Obesity As A Family With These 4 Recommendations

It is no longer news that obesity rates in the world are on the rise. It is a disease that affects practically people of all ages.

It is no longer news that obesity rates in the world are on the rise. However, even if it is not new, it is just as deadly to human health. It is a disease that affects practically people of all ages and unfortunately, it often starts in the family. Because of that it is precisely that this condition can be fought among all, and what better way than to do it in alliance with those you love the most.

Hence, the World Health Organization (WHO), in partnership with the Mexican Ministry of Health (SSA), has issued some recommendations, of which in this article we will give you four at cost. Surely if you take care of them, you and your whole family will be able to achieve results and defeat this enemy that only brings serious health problems. So not only read them because they are very easy to put into practice, your family will thank you:

1. To walk has been said!

It is common that everywhere we want to move in the family car or public transport, but, if the distance to travel allows it, why not walk? It is definitely a practice that will help the whole family to get active and see results soon. For example: if your children’s school is only a few blocks away, go out with a little more time and walk; Also when they go to places that are in your neighborhood such as the tlapalería, the laundry, etc., take advantage of the situation and exercise.

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2. Use “healthy eating day”

Plan the menu for the week as a family and every week contemplate “the day of healthy eating” in which, they consume delicious and low-calorie dishes, such as: salads, chicken, fish or any other type of food that you like to all that can be baked or roasted.

This does not mean that the rest of the days they consume foods with high caloric intake, but “the day of healthy eating” is a good excuse for everyone to eat well and nutritiously.

3. Outdoor sports every week

If your family is big enough, why not go once a week to practice a sport at the park or sports unit? On a soccer field organize a “cascarita” with two teams made up of brothers, cousins, uncles and neighbors. If the family is not so big, that’s okay! They could swim on the beach (if you live on the coast) or in a pool for a period of about 40 minutes per week.

Another good idea is to visit a park or some important avenue in your city by bicycle, pedal for a while exploring and knowing more about those places. Repeat this practice once a week, at least.

4. Healthy snacks daily

It is a fact that in the middle of the afternoon we all get hungry, and it is super easy to fall into the temptation of French fries, cookies or any of those junk foods. Here it is recommended that whenever you have a craving for a snack, you prefer fruits with chili or chamoy; Cucumbers, jicamas, and striped carrots are a great low-calorie option, and nuts could be another healthy alternative.

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Isn’t what we just shared with you much science? These are simple tips that anyone can practice and start seeing results quickly. The most important thing is this: make them a habit! Remember that as a family everything becomes easier, try it!

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