Few People Succeed And This Dad Did It Without Problem; A Woman Who Saw Him Praised What He Did In A Post That Went Viral

Follow these three WISE tips and handle these types of situations with your children, in the best way for them and for you.

Kalynne Marie shared on a social network a certain experience that left her truly surprised, she never imagined what she was going to see. She was sitting in a cafeteria when she suddenly observed a child spill a drink. The blue and red colors covered much of the floor and other furniture that was around.

The little boy was overly apologetic to his father, who, far from being upset, reassured his son saying that this happened normally and offered to find him some napkins to teach him how to clean the place. They did so and together they left the space clean.

The teaching continued

Later, the loving father explained that as a human being he has a long time to go, but his intelligence was going to help him to be aware of his actions, so he recommended that he be more careful in his surroundings to avoid such accidents that can be avoided.

When watching this episode, Kalynne did not hesitate for a minute and began to write what she had seen so she could share it with her cyber contacts. This sobering episode reached many people, who agreed to affirm how important and wise the little boy’s father had been when he had the accident.

The attitude of the father was really admirable, because when an accident happens to children, no matter how small, the first reaction of most people is to get excited by the fear that something has happened to them, the possible harm caused to another person or for the pain with people for some damage.

I just witnessed a boy, maybe about 6 or 7, accidentally spill a slushee everywhere. I’m talking blue and red goop all…

Posted by Kalynne Marie on  Tuesday, August 1, 2017

How to act when children commit an accident?

1. Evaluation of the facts

The first thing is to see that your child is well, once making sure of this then see what happened, if there is damage to repair, pay or clean. Once this is done then ask the infant to help repair the damage together and offer an apology to the person who was harmed (if any).

2. Talk

For the child to really learn it is important to talk with him about what happened, it does not mean to minimize the fact to the extent that the fault is omitted, rather to speak calmly, preferably kneel in such a way that he can be at the same height of him and with the simplest words; and then recommend that you be more careful.


3. You are a …

Using the verb “you are” in these cases should be done very delicately because you can affect your children if you let yourself be carried away by your temperament, you have to take care of what you say and how you say it. If every time he throws something you say “you’re clumsy” over time, he will believe that it is because you always told him.

The psychologist Mónica Serrano Muñoz assures that “if we change negative comments and threats for the positive expression of our own emotions and needs, we will be communicating with them in a constructive way that favors their adequate personal development.”


These accidental moments are difficult to cope with because of their surprise factor, but once you follow these steps it is easier to cope without getting excited. But if one day you forget, remember that you were also an infant once and made mistakes from which you learned as surely your child will today with your help and love.

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