Fathers Who Do Housework Have More Successful Daughters

Parents are the teachers of equity in the home. And those who collaborate in the housework report great benefits for the lives of their daughters.

Luisa finished high school and was deciding which university she would go to; She is an intelligent girl with the best averages of her generation, but I was very surprised to hear the arguments she had to make one of the most important decisions of her life. She said:

“I want a school that is close to home so I don’t have to come and go alone every day because I’m very scared, and my dad can’t take me there and bring me there”

«I would like to study medicine but I would have to cross the city every day carrying a lot of books; I am better considering Nursing, because it is a little closer to home and if I get married, it will serve me better than Medicine, well there is no way that I could set up an office by myself. Also, Nursing should be easier than Medicine ».

My eyes “popped out” not believing what I was hearing. A young woman, these times, limiting herself like that! While it is true that the problem of insecurity and violence is terrible in the world, that cannot paralyze us, much less settle for living with less of our capacities and aptitudes.

Behind your decision, there is an explanation

The University of British columbia discovered after years of research, what could be behind the decisions that girls like Luisa make.

This study concluded that parents who collaborate at home with household chores, make their daughters tend in the future to choose careers with greater freedom and security, that is, they consider careers of all kinds in their choices without any restriction for consider your gender.

Very interesting right?

All adults for some generations, and more in the present, we say to young girls “choose the career you want”, without considering that many of them have a limited portfolio of choices because they have been unconsciously educated to only choose according to their gender , and not according to your personal abilities, skills and wishes.

Instead, girls whose parents cooperated at home by washing, ironing, grooming, or caring for babies, were unknowingly raised on greater gender equity. Without saying a word to them, their father showed them by example that if the “ man of the house ” could wash dishes, they could do whatever they wanted in the fields of learning.

Young children learn everything just by watching us, so we must be very careful in the messages we give them in daily life.

Parents are concerned with the education and training of our children; We often make great sacrifices to pay for a school, extra classes, courses, languages, sports, arts, everything in our power! So that in the future they can be up to par and be competitive. But without realizing it, we are also giving other lessons that limit them.

So if you are a parent of young children, keep in mind these recommendations that in the future will give your children the possibility of choosing from a wider range of possibilities for a career or a path in their life.

1 Men: help out at home!

Either for the simple fact of helping, and even more for teaching children to have small responsibilities, to value things, but above all, to show that mens and women alike can do and contribute.

2 Promote the development of the skills of each child

If you see a talent in your children or a skill, favor it and do not limit it. Some people with talent for sports or the arts have grown up with a lot of frustration, because as children they were told that “it would not give them to live” or that “it would only distract them from real studies.” We do not know the future, that is why we have to pay so that they have the ability to make good decisions and face them with everything that we have trained them.

3 Work together on new and challenging projects

Together with your family, decide to do something new and different, perhaps even something that generates some discomfort, such as spending days in the field, learning a new sport, or going to a different place to eat something from another culture. All this is only opening new possibilities for your children with the assurance that you are there with them to discover together.

4 Help girls not to stop doing sports or physical activities

When adolescence arrives, 8 out of 10 girls feel uncomfortable with their body and stop playing sports or practicing physical activities out of shame and shame. This is one of the first signs of a girl who begins to limit herself in the world by her appearance or rejection of her gender, but at the same time it is a sign to accompany her and give her security and self-confidence that will be decisive for years to come.

5 Verify that  the children collaborate in the home with housework as part of their responsibilities

All children, boys and girls alike must do so. At home there are no activities for men or women, it is thehome of all and all we cooperate for the common good.

6 Show taste and appreciation for honest work

Our attitude towards work is essential for our children; Just by seeing us they will know if it is a blessing or a curse for us to work, if we are honest or seek to take advantage of others. Kindness, service, and honesty find fertile ground to be taught and learned.

7 Promote self-reliance as a way of life

We live very complex days and we know that most likely they will not improve, and that is why we must constantly insist that our children study, work, do a business, save and serve their peers.

No one can give what they don’t have. Our job as parents is to fill your mind, your heart and your whole being with the best that we are and have at your fingertips.

These days girls in particular must be strengthened and supported, because they will be forming families and rebuilding the social fabric that the world needs.

And finally, I leave you a phrase that Brigham Young once said:

“Educate a man and you will educate a family but if you educate a woman, you will be educating generations.”


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