Father Organizes A Wedding With His Own 10-year-old Daughter To Fulfill His Dream And Because Of The Great Love He Feels For Her

Some wept with emotion with the images and the story, while others condemned what this man did; this is what our expert tells us.

Fulfill a dream

Jim Zets decided to organize a wedding with his 10-year-old daughter to fulfill the girl’s dream of entering her father’s arm on her wedding day.

According to what is published by the media, this story begins years ago when Jim met Grace, his wife, at the University in California.

After finishing university studies, they decided to get married and form a life together, they were very happy, faithful and always supported each other. They also had children and grandchildren who completed the happiness of this family, who are extremely grateful for everything that this noble father and grandfather has accomplished in life.

When he turns 50, Jim receives the news that he will be a grandfather again, so that nine months later, during the time of the birth of his granddaughter, he learns that he would be a father again.

This is how Josie came into the life of this family, who found the place of being the darling of her brothers and especially her father. But when Josie turned 10 years old, she received devastating news, Jim had very advanced pancreatic cancer.

Walk arm in arm with your dad down the aisle

The whole family was affected by the news, but especially Josie, who for years had had the illusion of entering her father’s arm to be delivered to the altar, something obviously impossible due to her father’s delicate state of health.

That is why Jim comes up with the idea of ​​organizing a wedding, so that his daughter, now only 10 years old, would come to the altar with him.

The wedding was a very special and unique moment for both and the whole family, the place was decorated with flowers, there were guests from all over, and a photographer was even hired to capture the moment forever.

Finally the girl entered the arm of her father dressed in white, and a Pastor was waiting for them and declared them “father and daughter”, now Jim could finish the rest of his days in peace.

Of course, this story attracted contradictory comments, some in favor of the idea of ​​this girl’s father, and others of course in opposition, and it is sometimes very easy to judge the actions of others, without putting ourselves in that place, with This does not mean that I agree with having a wedding with a 10-year-old girl, even if it is not a husband and wife, but a father and daughter.

Being parents, and a little grandparents too

To understand this case a little, we must undoubtedly talk about the reality of being parents after 50 years, something that has happened more often lately, due to advances in science, and the possibility of assisted fertilization.

This possibility opens up a perspective of projection and renewal in the couple, allowing in many cases a new sense of permanence.

Beyond the physical risks that such a situation can entail for both the baby and the mother, it is important to recognize the psycho-emotional aspect of the parents in the process of raising the baby.

In favor, you have the experience of the years, which allows you to develop the role of parents with greater confidence and more relaxed, but on the other hand you no longer have the same energy and / or will to educate, confusing the roles of parents-grandparents / a, becoming parents more permissive and vulnerable to the wishes of their children.

In addition, with advancing age, and the difference in years with the child, reasonable fears appear of not being able to accompany them in the development of their lives or of seeing them finish their career, marry or have children, causing many times, allowing them to Children burn stages, or enjoy situations that in other circumstances we will never allow it, how to dress your daughter as a bride at age 10, and have a wedding.

Parents after 50

If you are a person over 50 years old, and you were blessed with the arrival of a child, and you enjoy good health, you can consider the following suggestions regarding how to accompany your child in his / her development:

  • Take into account your experience, so as not to make the previous mistakes.
  • He’s your son, not your best friend or buddy.
  • Ask older siblings for help when you don’t have enough energy to correct a behavior.
  • You do not want to give everything that you could not give to the brothers, although the stages and time are different, and perhaps now you can enjoy the benefits of years of work, however that does not justify spoiling it.
  • Don’t raise him as an only child, even if the siblings no longer live in the home, they are still part of a family.
  • Update yourself in time and space, learn the social differences of the time, know the music, fashion, and interests.
  • Develop patience, remember that he did not plan to reach that stage of your life.

Finally, accept things as they are and receive life’s fates with love.

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