Father Looks At His Son’s Photograph And Sees Something Very Strange In His Eyes; What He Discovers Paralyzes Him

His retina was showing white in the photo so this father was quickly alarmed. This story, which can happen to anyone, teaches us the value of parental intuition.

Like any day, his father took a photo of his 2-year-old son Avery. When he saw the photograph, he noticed that one of his eyes had come out white and not red as the pupils usually come out in some shots and with a certain type of light. It could have been something normal, but his dad instincts told him something was wrong. Like any modern dad, he searched the internet for data and began to panic. It could be eye cancer.

An early and effective intuition

Julie, his mother, immediately went to the doctor as she found that her son’s eyes seemed normal at first glance, but that when she saw them in the photographs one of them came out with a white light in her pupil. In fact, many times, in photos taken with a flash, the pupils turn out red and this is a normal defect in the image. But when the pupils shine white, it could be a sign of retinoblastoma, also known as retinal cancer or tumor.

Doctors quickly discovered that 75% of Avery’s left eye had been taken over by the tumor and that it had probably started to develop six weeks earlier.

What is retinoblastoma

Retinoblastoma is a cancer that begins in the retina, which is the light-sensitive nerve tissue behind the eye and sends signals to the brain, which interprets the images we see. This tumor usually affects children before the age of five and is the most common type of eye cancer in childhood.

Retinoblastoma present in only one eye is non-hereditary and predominantly affects older children. When the disease occurs in both eyes, it is always hereditary.

His left eye was removed to save his life

The boy’s mother explained in an interview: “Our lives went from normal to cancer survivors in three weeks. It turned out to be our worst nightmare, but it saved our son’s life. Her husband limited “listen to your wives”, in reference to the intuition that led Julie to quickly consult a doctor.

The family created a GoFundMe page to raise money to help cover medical expenses and get a prosthetic eye for little Avery so he can lead a normal life.

Listen to your inner voice

This story, in addition to having a happy ending, reminds us that it is not always bad to surf the internet to investigate on our own about different diseases and ailments, as long as we consult specialists later . In this particular case, the concern of these concerned parents led to the discovery of a cancer that could have been fatal if the doctors did not intervene in time.

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