Fatal Women: 3 Characteristics That Every Woman Should Imitate

These women get what they want. Become one of them with these 3 secrets that will turn you into an irresistible woman.

Vicky Xipolitakis never thought that being an irresistible and fatal woman would put her in such a pressing legal situation. During a passenger flight in the interior of the country, this famous Argentine businesswoman and Vedette, upon being recognized, was invited by the pilots to enter the cabin, not only to enjoy their company, but the star managed to persuade them to allowed him to pilot the PLANE.

According to reports published in local newspapers, it is known that the pilot said: “I am sinking with you, but you are coming with me!”, Referring to allowing him to enter the cabin.

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Undoubtedly this fact was made public through the networks by herself causing an endless legal process. How far did the charm of this woman manage to manage the decisions of the pilots? What does it mean to be a fatal woman?

By definition, the word “fatal” comes from a French expression “Femme Fatale” which means “Deadly Woman” and is used to describe a person who used her sensual charms to obtain what she wanted, which could be for better or for worse.

In the history of literature we have two clear examples of fatal women who used their charms, one for good, and another for bad.

DALILA, used her charms for evil

The story of Samson and Delilah is found in the Bible. It tells about Samson a Nazarite man consecrated to God, endowed with great strength, which made him invincible. One day visiting Gaza, he meets Delilah with whom he fell in love. The Philistine chiefs took advantage of this situation and requested Delilah to use her sensual charms to discover where Samson’s incredible strength came from and thus weaken him. Most of us know the rest of the story, Samson confesses that his strength lies in that he never cut his hair, being Nazario, so while he slept, Delilah shaved Samson’s head, weakening him completely.

PENELOPE, used her charms for good

Penelope is a character found within one of the two poems attributed to Homer. The poem relates that she waited for 20 years for her husband Odysseus who went to the Trojan War. Penelope had many suitors who approached her and asked to marry her. However, Penelope wanted to be faithful and preserve her chastity, so she promised that when she finished the scarf she knitted, if Odysseus did not return, she would marry the first candidate who came to her. Thus, she left those who demanded to break their conjugal vows conform. Penelope, with her cunning, unraveled her weaving every night and started over every morning. Thus 20 years passed, and the day she finished the scarf, Odysseus returned.

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The Fatal Women of Today

Nowadays, a fatal woman appears to us in a different way, and perhaps we are even used to crossing paths with one of her without even turning around. However, the man does draw attention, he fantasizes a little and even dreams of arriving at the house and meeting his fatal wife.

So I decided to do some more research and found 3 cool characteristics that every woman can emulate. It does not mean that from day to night you transform into a fatal woman, but you can surprise your husband with a fatal night to rekindle the fire of love.

1. Attractive

Dress is one of the essential characteristics to consider, and it should not necessarily be inappropriate or sensual that shows skin, the truth is not so.

A woman can very well be attractive without showing, rather hinting is the best way to be attractive. The formula is to show a little and leave the rest to the imagination. The preferred colors are black and red, combined with gold or silver.

Makeup should be somewhat more striking than usual, without a doubt red lipstick is the star of makeup, hint of strong pinks, high heels, an unusual perfume, sensual hair, covering part of the face and a unique accessory.

2. Mysterious personality

One of the essential characteristics of a fatal woman is the way she shows herself, and expresses her ideas on a date. We must use a low tone of voice, speak slowly and seductively. During the conversation we do not provide too much information, rather the necessary information, and if someone calls us or sends a text, hide the whereabouts of the person, even if it is our grandmother. Do not open up too much, hide your feelings, feel completely sure of yourself do not give too much importance to the man who catches your attention, so he will not determine the value you have.

3. Cunning and Intelligent

If you want to be a true fatal woman, you must know very well who you are with, what she likes and interests. A cunning woman knows how to fight battles with the most stubborn man on Earth and win. Convincing the other person starting from what we really know he wants, and ending up getting what we want. That is cunning.

To be an intelligent woman, it is important to read, be informed, it does not matter if you are a housewife, in this age access to information is at everyone’s hand and it does not cost money.

I believe that we can all integrate these three characteristics of Fatal Woman in our lives either for a special night or for the rest of our lives! Ahh but always remember to use this power for good, and not end up like my compatriot Vicky Xipolitakis.

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