Family Meal: A Vital Reunion

There are meetings that seem unimportant and we ignore them. Family meal is more than important: it is vital. It is one of the fundamentals to have a better communication with the family.

Over the years I have come to realize that one of the main ways I learned to get to know my parents and siblings was at lunch when, every afternoon, we would meet to eat together. Whenever she needed advice or wanted to share something, she knew she could wait for that moment to talk about it, just as she was certain she would have everyone’s attention. That daily family meeting helped me to have a better relationship with my parents and to understand what my siblings were experiencing. That is why now that I have my own family I want to continue with my husband that habit of being together even once a day to eat.

What is accomplished by gathering together to eat as a family?

A meal a day with all the members of the household can have many advantages in the environment, especially when there are small children and adolescents in the family. When the whole family sits at the table to enjoy a meal together:

Why eat as a family?

Food usually gives us relaxation and satisfaction, as well as fulfills one of our basic needs as humans. That is why by eating all together, it is easier to obtain quality time. By having a dedicated time in which the whole family is together, it provides us with a space of recollection in our hectic and stressful day, in which all the members can participate and listen to each other.

How to get the whole family together to eat together?

In daily life we ​​sometimes feel that time is not enough to do everything we have to do. Between school and work for both parents and children, it is not always possible to have that desired space. Therefore, trying to dedicate one meal a day with the whole family can be a challenge but it is not impossible.

Some tips to achieve this goal are:

Set a schedule

You can decide as a family which schedule might be the most suitable for everyone. It can be at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Include working children

Advise working children how to divide their time so that they can be together.

Set priorities

and organize time. Some extracurricular activities of young children, or the time they spend with friends or in entertainment, can be changed.

Make a calendar

Once what is most important has been decided and priorities have been taken out, you can make a list of all the activities that the family does and decide which are the least important or which can wait.

Many times we can belittle or give little importance to those 30 or 40 minutes that are dedicated to family food, but if you consider that this can improve or help someone in the family, I think that makes you think twice if you are willing to dedicate a little of your time to a loved one. It is a meeting that is really worth it!

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