Face Winter With These Simple Tricks

Winter in the southern hemisphere is wreaking havoc, but you can fight it with these simple tricks.

In the southern hemisphere we are experiencing a cold, very cold winter. At least in Chile we have experienced historically low temperatures, which added to the lack of rain make us live daily dealing with many germs, viruses and respiratory bacteria.

That is why below I leave a series of suggestions to keep children warm when they must be away from home:

Avoid sudden changes in temperature

If they are at home with a stove (heating) it is important that you turn it off a few minutes before going out or if it is something that happens suddenly, it covers the children very well.

Dress them in layers

Wearing several layers of clothing is very beneficial to the body. Prefer cotton clothing over synthetic fabrics, as these retain heat better. And don’t forget that as the day goes by, the temperature is likely to increase, so it is essential that your children can remove some clothes easily. Avoid excess buttons, laces or accessories that do not handle smoothly.

Prefers sturdy clothing

Little by little technology has been solving different daily problems for us and clothing has not been the exception. Today you can access different garments that are capable of repelling water, wind, snow. Certainly many times they have a somewhat higher value than a normal garment. However, think about the benefits and the time that your children will be able to take advantage of it.

Take care of your diet

Cold weather lends itself so that we all want to consume foods high in fat, therein lies the importance of always being attentive so as not to fall into excesses. Try to prepare hot dishes to give them the energy necessary to complete the day successfully. Keep the proportions when serving the dishes, always think about the ideal size for their age and avoid the consumption of junk, as it will only give them the feeling of satiety, but it will make them fat.

Do not forget to protect the skin

It is common that in the summer we always take the importance of applying sunscreen, because in winter we should not leave it forgotten in the drawer. Remember that snow, sun and wind damage the skin as much as the sun does. Keep moisturizers on hand for your children, apply them frequently and always prefer those that are designed especially for them.

Bring the head, hands, feet and neck

This point will surely be the least desired by your children, since children tend to bother wrapping themselves. But you should know that it is very necessary to do so, because the parts that I mentioned before are where we lose the most heat, so it is essential to resort to hats, scarves and thick socks.

And finally when the temperature rises a bit, do not forget to open the windows, ventilating is essential to combat the different viruses and bacteria typical of winter. It is enough to open the windows 30 minutes a day for your house to renew the air, let out the carbon monoxide and make the winter less harsh.

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