Extracurricular Activities. Are They A Good Idea?

Children have a lot of energy that needs to be channeled; To do so, you can take this guide article and help them develop their skills. More classes after school? It is a good idea!

Children have always had a lot of energy, both physically and mentally. It is not uncommon, therefore, that after they get home from school they literally want to take over the world. I know that the image of your children taking their backpack off their back is common in your house, while they take off their school shoes and run to the kitchen to see what to eat; after that, you have to put them on your waist or television may be the next step. You already know what they have to do next: homework (homework), a relaxing bath, maybe a while of television or reading, food and perhaps games before going to sleep.

The family routine

The routine depends a lot on each family, but if they agree with me in something, it is that children do not get exhausted and that they do not stay still even when they sleep. Not that this is wrong, because a still child is a sign that he is sick or something bad has happened to him.

But —from my perspective— all that energy should be channeled into activities that not only amuse them, but also teach them a lesson, and sometimes it is not enough for them to have a complete collection of books or films of their choice at home; sometimes they need to share with children their age, have fun and, why not ?, learn in a didactic way.

Based on the above, I will recommend some activities that are affordable for your children to use all their energy and invest their potential after class. Of course, first I want to warn you that it is not that I believe that you swim in the sea of ​​abundance, and many activities that I dare to recommend are taught in the same schools where your children study, in neighborhood clubs or in public libraries, and It is up to you if you want to pay for your children to receive an additional course:

An extra language

Many educational institutions teach children basic English, and it can be frustrating not to keep up with the teacher or some peers. For years I got very bad grades in this language. When I was in my last two years of school, I chose French as an optional language and it went very well, even though it is a more complex language. When I entered the university, I had to study a compulsory language and I opted for the one that had always given me a struggle: English. To my surprise I discovered that it is a simple language, when you have a suitable teacher. That’s right: it doesn’t hurt for your child to take an extra course that will surely help him at school.

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A sport that you like

Soccer, basketball, track and field, volleyball, whatever; I guarantee that it will not only help your children to be more social, competitive, have better health, and build discipline; It is probable, in addition, that the monthly payments are comfortable or that they are even taught as extra classes at school.

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Ballet, folk dance, theater or chess

In schools there are also often dance clubs – at least in Colombia, children are often given folk dance classes. They have chess clubs and other classes that help them to be also like the ones in the previous paragraph, more social and disciplined.

Public libraries also usually offer classes in dance, ballet, painting, theater, computing, among others, and for free; so it only remains for you and your child to choose.

Painting or origami, meditation or yoga courses

Perhaps for this type of course you do have to put in a little more money, but they are activities that awaken the creativity of your children, also discipline and concentration; But they will not be a bad investment because they will encourage them not only to be distracted, but to know more about themselves, control their impulses and open their minds to new things.

Enjoying children is something natural for fathers and mothers around the world, but it must be recognized that sometimes they are inexhaustible and you need a break, to regain strength. Then choose to enroll them in a course. You could even do one of those courses with your children, you will see that they will live together and have fun as a family.

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