Experts Say It: 6 Real Reasons To Keep Your House Tidy

Clutter in your home can keep you away from those you love the most. Therefore, you must know the reasons to change this and have a more harmonious life.

If you keep your house clean, good things will come “, this phrase was constantly used by my mother to instill in me the good habit of cleaning. I remember that from a very young age, every weekend I had to clean my room, from picking up my toys, dusting the furniture, sweeping and arranging my clothes.

When my mother died, I continued to apply those teachings together with my sister and my father; Between the three of us, we organized ourselves with household chores, to maintain a healthy environment for everyone. Without exaggeration, I can confess that the house shone like the sun.

However, when I got married, everything changed radically, since my husband is not one of those people who collaborates with the housework, perhaps because of his education or customs that he received during his childhood. This situation has led us to have many conflicts in the relationship.

On the one hand there is me, feeling misunderstood carrying all the burdens of responsibilities, and on the other there is my husband, telling me that nobody is forcing me to clean and that I am an exaggeration.

One achievement at a time

Maybe I can be an exaggeration with regard to cleanliness and order; but in reality it is important to teach this habit, since the disorder not only causes problems to find the things that are needed, but also causes health problems such as stress, depression or anxiety; they also cause conflicts in social and relationship relationships.

Eva Selhub, author of Your Health Destiny, states that having a disorder at home, people are more likely to develop coping mechanisms, such as choosing foods to comfort themselves or overeating, contributing to eating disorders.

Therefore, to avoid all the consequences, you must take into account these reasons that will motivate you to maintain a clean and orderly space.

1 Goodbye to stress!

Thousands of dishes to wash, a huge pile of clothes, messy papers, toys everywhere, dust accumulated in every corner, the floors look dull and full of dirt; Of course, all this puts anyone stressed, since the disorder leads to thinking about the tasks that have been left unfinished.

A study shows that the disorder causes people to have a low level of cortisol, which causes depression, anxiety and mood disorders. When you have a to-do list to do and can’t finish them, it will cause stress, even trouble falling asleep.

What should you do? You can start by removing from your sight all the objects that are not necessary or that you do not use them frequently. This way you will start to have more space and cleaning will be easier.

2 Better results

Many times we blame our children for having low grades, we even punish them by forbidding them anything, as long as they study to raise their school averages. However, poor school performance can be caused by the disorder they have at home.

This happens when you do not have an exclusive place to work or do tasks, since it is logical to choose any space such as the dining room or kitchen table, the armchairs in the living room, or the bed, among others. This will make it difficult to concentrate, easily losing attention, memory and perception, so you will be less productive.

Therefore, it is advisable to have a special and unique space when carrying out any work, to better process the information; that will help you and your children to have better results and achieve the desired goals.

3 More energy

Experts claim that the disorder causes tiredness and fatigue, both physically and mentally, even that there is a direct connection with lack of sleep. Therefore, you will feel exhausted just by observing the chaos you have at home.

So, prepare yourself mentally and set a day for cleaning; You can even motivate yourself by listening to your favorite music. By doing so, you will fill yourself with energy, providing your family with a healthy, safe environment full of positive things. Plus, you’ll feel less irritable and more productive.

4  Good decisions

Life is about making decisions, good or bad, at all times we have to do it. When the house is disorganized and dirty, it is likely that you will find it difficult to get your decisions right, since chaos causes us to have an erratic type of thinking. Therefore, you may not easily find solutions when solving problems.

It is recommended to start tidying up the room, which is the place where decisions are commonly made as a couple.

5 Better relationships

It is almost certain that by having a disorder at home the number of visits from friends or family will be reduced, and it is not because they are very orderly and clean in their homes, but because it is very likely that they can contract any disease, especially respiratory or allergic.

Perhaps, you are used to not having frequent visits, however, it is part of life to “be social.” In addition, you will know that friends are essential to feel good. So get active and start cleaning your space, not only for your friends, but for your family and for yourself.

6 Love and harmony

When you decide to make a radical change in terms of cleaning your home, you will see that you will have more family harmony, as well as improve relationships and communication with your partner and children.

In the event of feeling overwhelmed by the burden of responsibilities (as in my case), don’t forget to start delegating functions and tasks for each member of your family. In this way you will be teaching them to promote the good habit of cleaning and you will also help everyone at home feel happier and more cheerful by being in a pleasant place.

It does not matter that your home does not shine like gold because of how orderly it should be, just by cleaning it without overdoing it, your life and that of your family will be benefited, fostering union and bonding with them.

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