Experts Reveal The Consequences Of Not Holding Your Baby As Soon As He Cries

Experts reveal a truth that not all moms want to accept.

Letting babies cry is a rare trend that has been growing in recent years. The objective of this practice is that children do not become spoiled and know how to wait so that in the future their behavior can be more easily managed. However, this practice becomes dangerous when babies are newborns.

When I became a mother for the first time, there was nothing that calmed me more than having my daughter by my side at night. And consequently, she too was calm. As soon as I heard a slight moan or sensed that she was about to cry crying out for her milk, I would get up and put it on my breast. I never wanted to let her cry, nor did the theories about letting the child cry so that he “learns.”

A crying newborn is a baby trying to say something. Let’s think that it is the only way he has to communicate, and that is why it is so important not to ignore him crying. Although it is true that after a certain age mothers and fathers are already more relaxed in certain matters, the truth is that when a newborn cries it is not because he is manipulating us but because there is a basic need that wants to be covered. The relationship that we establish as parents from the first minute of life with our child will speak for itself in the future, bearing the fruits that we have cultivated. On the contrary, letting babies cry without attending to their priorities will only damage the parental relationship, as well as the baby’s emotional capacity.

According to the site Phsychology Today, and according to Darcia Narvaez, Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame, this idea of ​​letting children cry dates back to the last century, when behaviorist John Watson warned of the “dangers of excess of maternal love ”, and that was how gradually the culture was accepting that being too loving and condescending with a baby would turn him into a dependent and complaining human being. Fortunately, and for the good of humanity, these theories have become obsolete and today motherhood is accompanied by a wave of theoretical currents in favor of attachment and respectful parenting.

This happens to your baby when you let him cry

According to pediatrician Bill Sears, who was deputy chief of the newborn intensive care unit at Toronto Western Hospital, the effects of excessive crying in newborn babies can have neurological and physiological consequences. Some of the things that happen to a baby when they let him cry for a while and are not cared for are:

  • They experience panic and anxiety, flooding their brain with cortisol and adrenaline.
  • The brain does not generate connections when the baby is exposed to high levels of stress, such as when he cries a lot.
  • Growth hormone drops dramatically.
  • The stress of crying can disrupt the brain’s neurotransmitter systems and cause structural and functional changes in brain regions similar to those seen in adults with depression.
  • There are more chances of suffering from attention deficit disorders and poor school performance.
  • The large amount of adrenaline generated under the stress of crying causes more aggressive and emotionally unstable children in the future.
  • Decreased intellectual, emotional and social development.
  • Harmful physiological changes such as cardiac arrhythmias, decreased sleep, and increased blood pressure.

You have the opportunity to fully provide

Now that you have your baby in your arms, you look at him, feel his baby scent, caress his fine hair and thank life for having been awarded for this miracle. Your chance to give yourself fully is now. Raising our children with the heart is one of the deepest acts of human love. Letting him cry just because a few theories assure us of something that we do not agree too much with, speaks clearly that the most important thing is to follow our maternal instincts and let ourselves be carried away by the immediate feeling of protection that we feel when listening to our cries. baby.

Babies are made to be held in our arms when they cry, to fit our chest and to give them the attention they deserve. Love will never spoil you if that love is altruistic and empathetic. Go ahead, you’re doing good mom!

And you, have you ever let your baby cry?

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