Experts Reveal 4 Steps To Make Your Husband Stay 100% Faithful To You

Magic formulas are hard to believe sometimes, but trust me this one (which isn’t magic) comes with guaranteed quality.

Magic formulas are hard to believe sometimes, but trust me this one (which isn’t magic) comes with guaranteed quality. Experts have concluded that these 5 simple steps make your partner feel totally and absolutely satisfied with what you provide.

“I call them ‘secret strategies’ because they all take place in the subconscious,” explains Madeleine A FugĂ©re, a doctor of psychology in a Psychology Today publication .

1. Change the way you look at your husband

If you remember the days when you were dating and things were just beginning, chances are you remember how he seemed like a prince charming to you; in fact, sometimes I asked you if it was too good to be true.

This mechanism of idealization of the partner takes place subconsciously and our brain does, because it likes how it feels when it is around that person and simply wants more.

According to a study conducted by Swami in 2012, they explain that we not only see them as more perfect than they are as human beings, but we also see them as physically more attractive than they are. This is perceived by the couple and makes them feel wanted and loved, prompting them to be better people. The problem is that most of us tend to only see the thorns, and not the rose, after we are married. This lack of satisfaction of ours is perceived by our partner and, instead of pushing her to be better, it drives her to be worse (to be unfaithful, for example).

So the first step is to start to consciously focus only on the good in your partner. It seems difficult, but it is not. Remember that your brain is one hundred percent trainable.

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2. See other men as less attractive than your husband

Instead of letting your imagination or subconscious run wild thinking about that other man’s body or the way you think he would treat you if he were with you, do the opposite, and focus on seeing others as less attractive.

A recent study, in which participants had to choose the photographs of the people to whom they were attracted, found that those who still felt that their partners saw them as attractive, chose people who were practically not physically attractive.

This translates into the fact that men who feel desired by their wives tend not to be attracted to another.

3. Reduce your distance with your partner

The more “on top” of your partner you are, the more attachment you will generate in you and him. The hormone oxytocin will be secreted when you are together, and it will help both of you to want to be with each other all or most of the time.

4. Increase the amount of intimacy with your husband

The results of the studies reveal that increased interest in being intimate with your partner increases satisfaction, dependence, pleasure and feelings of attachment. So if your man feels that you want him, and that you enjoy the physical connection that exists between the two of you, then on a subconscious level he will feel no need to find another woman.

According to the conclusion of the experts, these 4 simple steps have an effective subconscious effect on the couple and without realizing it, they drive them to stay faithful and not see other people as a temptation.

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