Experts Recommend: Without Cell Phone Up To 12 Years Old And Without Whatsapp Until 16 Years Old

There is a time for everything. As the years go by, you will have noticed that you lost the best years with him. Let’s do something to get our children back, now.

If this article has caught your attention, perhaps it means that you have been observing around you or in your own home small children with cell phones, or you are hesitating to buy or give one to your child or a relative. But the different opinions have made you look for more information and you want to make a correct decision; So, I congratulate you, because giving a cell phone to a minor is a “two-edged” gift and one of them, by the way, very dangerous.

According to the American Pediatric Association (AAP), infants and young children should not be exposed to screens. We will review here some concepts about the use of technology in minors, according to experts.

View screens before 18 months

Have you ever wondered how long a child can spend looking at a screen? There are houses where as soon as they wake up, they turn on the TV, or even more so: the TV is turned on so that the family can stand up.

Then the children watch TV while having breakfast and playing games, or watch a program on a tablet while going to school; there they may also have tablets or smart boards even from preschool. They return home with a tablet in their hands, and so on until they go to sleep “reading” a story on their mother’s cell phone.

It is said that a child under 3 years of age can see a screen up to 6 hours a day, that is unheard of!

The more a child spends in front of a screen, the less time he spends developing motor skills, while also putting aside his social and emotional development. Having less physical movement also compromises their health, since children with these characteristics tend to gain more weight than those who go out to play.

Watch shows with high-quality content (in every sense) between 18 and 24 months

After 18 months it is almost impossible for a child not to watch TV, it really requires a great commitment from the parents to achieve it; It’s difficult, but it can. However, if you give up, remember these two rules: no more than 30 minutes a day in front of thescreen and, above all, that what your child sees is of high quality.

Imagine this: Your baby is in the best learning moment of his entire life, whatever you put in front of him, he will keep unfiltered in his mind and heart; knowing this, what would you like me to learn? Violence? Profanity? Vulgar behaviors for you to imitate? Probably not. Then verify that what comes to your son is the best that you want to take his whole life with him.

Your mother’s lullaby, classic stories, music, traditional rhymes, logic games, you can even start teaching her to read.

Watch programs with high-quality content for a maximum of one hour a day, between 2 and 5 years old

At this stage of life, only the amount of time a child must spend in front of a screen changes, the quality of the content does not change. Avoid junk programs, remember:  Not because it is popular does it mean that it is correct.

From 6 years old balance activities

Art, sports, school, homework, free play time, family time, homework, social, recreational and even religious activities must be balanced by the emotional health of the child and the family in general.

Waiting until age 12 to have a cell phone

And one simple, straightforward and preferably that does not connect to the internet. Yes, of course. Don’t fall into the trap, no child in primary education requires aapparatus of these. If you use it, it is to be in communication with your parents for reasons of a school trip or with friends, but nothing more. The need to satisfy is to be in communication, nothing more.

Don’t fall into the trap that he needs it for homework, check directly with his teachers. You can set goals to get one, but for no reason is it wise to give it the latest model, that’s terrible! At that age children do not know the value of things, they have not worked for it and it will be very easy for them to lose it or steal it.

It goes without saying that the excessive use of digital devices at these ages can cause cognitive alterations, such as attention deficit, memory problems, distraction, increased impulsivity, lack of self-control, anxiety, overweight and behavior problems or socialization.

Wait until 16 to use WhatsApp

Adolescence is the most critical stage for boys because it is here where the problems of addiction or dependence to devices, cyber bullying, bulling, begin sexting or grooming, all these terrible and painful actions that can destroy any teenager.

Having access to this type of communication platform opens up an infinite space of possibilities for them to contact or be contacted by anyone, including pedophiles and stalkers.

If before this age, your child needs to be on a platform like this for “homework”, offer your number.

If children already use this type of application, it is a requirement that you are frequently checking, privacy is won, that is the rule.

Talk to your children about “the challenges”, the theft of information and all the dangers they run, teach them to be cautious, not to share inappropriate photos because it is a crime and not to take them. Nothing that is deleted is deleted from the Internet, it always stays there.

Explain the consequences of their actions and decisions.

Some parents download their children’s WhatsApp application to their computer and can monitor conversations from there.

The key to the Internet can be shared as they finish their work or meet their goals, you are the adult, you are in charge and you can make the best decisions for your children.

Be of legal age to use different social networks

And at the end there comes a day when we can only trust what we have taught them and let them do the right thing, make decisions and bear their consequences. There are things that are out of our hands to avoid, we can only teach and educate, then learn to trust.

As that age arrives, don’t be the weak link that allows, overlaps, or encourages doing things outside their age. For everything there is a time, there is no rush.

And the last great tip:

Be the example and reference that your children require. If you live glued to the screen you will not have the moral solvency to demand the opposite of any of the house.

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