Experts Explain The Two Incredible Benefits Of A Haircut During A New Relationship Or After A Breakup

In a new relationship or just had your heart broken? Find out why you NEED to get a haircut according to the EXPERTS.

In her teens her best friend became her boyfriend, everything was happiness. Three years later things became different and very complicated to the point of having to end that relationship. During the grieving process, when she saw herself in the mirror, she realized how sad her face looked so she decided to have a look change .

He went to an aesthetic and the process was carried out and when he looked in the mirror again he found another image, nothing to do with the previous girl. From then on, she saw everything differently, it is as if that woman from the past was going to be cut in each hair, so she decided to dedicate herself to herself.

Throughout this period of singleness and happiness, her hair was never cut again. Some time later she returned ‘to the dating world’ and met another boy with whom she felt very happy and in love, however the fear of being hurt hurt her in such a way that he broke up with her.

He returned to aesthetics so that they made him a cut again, but the circumstances were different from the previous time in which he wanted to meet a new person, however, he knew that the cut that they made was not going to serve to repair his mistake, but to turn that page of his life and start over.

The haircut is more significant for women than for men because of the various types of cuts that can be made (knurled, layered, etc.), bases for straightening the hair, ironing, dyes (full, rays, strands ) which makes them change so radically that when they see themselves in the mirror, they don’t even recognize themselves.

The Dra. Patricia A. Farrell, a psychologist / writer notes that “hair is one of the most important aspects of the expression of who we are and how we want to see us. Dramatic cuts would indicate a desire to make a drastic change to fit the new person we are creating.

The French haute couture designer Gabrielle Chanel, better known as Coco Chanel once said “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”, that is, by leaving there she becomes a new person.

What to do with that old, battered hair?

1. Internal analysis

The important thing about this transformation is not to do it on the outside and change for a few days, but to do it on the inside, do an internal analysis, first of all find the reason why it was decided to make that “cut in life and leave it in the past what gets in the way of moving on, maybe the death of a person, a love breakup, the loss of a job, a change in stage, etc.

2. From mistakes to virtues

After observing those ‘hairs’ causing this change, write them down in the mind with a permanent ink pen and work on them so that they become useless, beneficial, virtuous for the person. After this he must move away quickly to begin the complete metamorphosis as soon as possible.

Reasons for changing the hairstyle can be several:

A party, a job, a date … but you can not only stay in a physical aspect. When you want to make a radical change this is an excellent option.

The secret is that when you see yourself differently, you will feel different and you will want to think, want and act in the same way. The most important thing is that you make changes at the right time and whenever you approach a mirror, you like what you see.

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