Experts Affirm That There Are 3 Key Ages In Our Lives In Which We Age

“Aging is like climbing a great mountain: while climbing the forces diminish, but the gaze is freer, the view broader and serene” Ingmar Bergman

Did you know that from the moment we left our mother we began to get older? The reality is that every day since we are born, the cells in our body are born, grow, reproduce and die. With this in mind, every day we grow old and die a little.

Aging is inevitable as long as we have life; Despite that, a good attitude makes the change. That is what makes the difference between some people and others.

Science and old age

Science explains that aging in humans is not something that occurs uniformly. Experts claim that throughout life there are 3 peaks or turning points of aging. These occur in 3 different ages; the first at 34, the second at 60 and the third at 78.

These data were obtained in a study made by  BenILO Olivier Lehallier and his team. This consisted in developing a  “proteomic clock”; that is, they devised a way to count the levels of 373 proteins, this in order to calculate the biological age. To achieve this, 4,300 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 95 provided blood samples to carry out these tests.

Thus, it was determined that knowing that at the age of 34 we began to age, it would not be a bad idea for us to start taking care of our body. The reason is that aging begins to show itself both physically and psychologically.

Old age, culture and society

Things are not the same today as yesterday. In the past, due to the few scientific advances on the health and treatment of some diseases, life expectancies were lower; in that way, 30-year-olds were already considered old. That is why as science progressed, the quality and life expectancy of people was increasing.

Currently, the life of an elderly person is of much higher quality than it was 50 years ago; Despite this, there are still many people who reject old age as if it were a plague.

Such is the eagerness to delay the “golden years” as long as possible that they undergo absurd plastic surgeries. They get to such a point that they end up becoming addicted and completely deforming their appearance. But the worst thing is not only the physical transformation to which they are subjected, but the risks that do not take into account when applying aesthetic treatments with liquids and chemicals, which poorly used gradually poison the body.

I do not know if it is vanity or fear of looking old, but this does not escape women or men. There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself, eating well, applying creams and products to improve your appearance to look younger. The truth is that no matter how much we do to achieve it, there will always be parts of the body and the organism that will scream your age.

A good attitude is what makes the difference

Science may say that youth begins to decline at 34; however, the reality is that you are what you think and how you feel. Not because a study says that you start aging at that age, you immediately become senile.

It is true that over the years the body needs more care; You can no longer eat that much salt, sweet or so fatty, but you can still enjoy a rich craving without immediately representing a heart attack.

It is also true that we should behave according to age, but the years should not be an impediment to not “get the most out of life.” A man or woman in their 50s or 60s can and should go to the gym not only to get a little stronger, but also to unwind and do something different in their day.

Age is not an impediment to traveling, starting school, going to sporting or artistic events, eating well and even falling in love again.

It is very likely that there are going to be people who will complain about not behaving like someone of “your age”, but how does a person of similar age behave? 60 years? Is there a manual that determines what you can and cannot do after 60?

The reality is that by being the owner of your life, you can live it as you wish, as long as you are aware of your capabilities, risks, dreams and goals, you can achieve everything you always wanted and continue to enjoy both your family and existence.

A dignified golden age

Many children of older people worry that their parents may not be able to enjoy a good quality of life. Even so, as long as the person has a good health service, has her family, has annual medical check-ups, a quiet life, good nutrition and feels useful, her life will be as fruitful as that of any other human being.

The old peoplewho had the opportunity to practice a trade or profession can continue to do so, those who wish to choose to dedicate their lives to rest and carry out their hobbies as a way of distraction, have the freedom to do so. The golden age is perhaps the best for human beings to enjoy; The reason is that although their body does not have the same strength as youth, they have the wisdom that only life, pain and effort leave behind.

It may be that for many people aging is something that discourages them; Despite this, a change in attitude will give them renewed energy and strength to continue living as and as they always did: bravely and resiliently.


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