Exercise Helps You Look Better And Your Brain Will Thank You In Your Old Age; Find Out Why

Exercise not only strengthens your body but it is also weight lifting for your brain.

We all know that exercise gives us vitality and energy and, of course, strengthens our muscles by forcing them to perform difficult actions. Exercise is a therapy in itself, one that leads us to feel happier, with better emotional stability and with greater strength in the face of the trials that life puts on us. With all this, most of us talk and focus on the positive effects that exercise has on the body, but very rarely we refer to the effect it has on the brain; or, in our mind.

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Exercise is not only a great way – if not the only way – to strengthen your muscles, it is also an essential way to invigorate your mind. If we think of our brain as we think of a muscle, it is easy to understand that doing something difficult will make our brain stronger.

Did I convince you? If not, check out these three reasons why exercise contributes to your mental strength:

1. Discipline of steel

To exercise, you have to give yourself time. Because it is not surprising that the number one pretext for not exercising is precisely that you lack time. The reality is that you have to plan and create such space on the agenda. Doing this creates exemplary discipline, as one has to sacrifice a few things to attend to this all-important subject. Most of the time you discipline yourself to get up early to exercise, or save energy to do it at the end of the day. No matter what time you do it, doing it requires discipline and it becomes more constant and stronger the more you practice it. So, as you can see, it is not reduced to a physical discipline, but it is also mental.

2. Over and over and over and over again …

Exercising brings us face to face with failure. However, exercising consistently invites us to stand up after falling and try one more time; that is, not to give up. The act of not throwing in the towel makes the part of your brain responsible for decision-making stronger, much more capable. But the most incredible thing about all this is that when you decide not to give up, your brain learns that giving up is not an option, and little by little to keep going, regardless of the obstacles, it becomes a beautiful habit.

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3. Stronger than you think

This point is intertwined with the previous one: by not throwing in the towel at the first few changes, you discover that you are stronger than you think. Most of the time it is not our body that tells us that we can no longer do it, it is the mind. So when we keep trying, our mind discovers that it is strong and has more power than the body; that is, when our mind says we can, the body will obey.

It is then time to exercise your brain while strengthening your muscles. If you want a brain of steel, what are you waiting for? Grab your tennis shoes, drink some water, take a deep breath and hit it!

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