Essential Products To Make Your Pregnancy The Best Stage Of Your Life

Know the articles that can make your pregnancy more comfortable and do not stay in the past.

“Sleep while you can because later, you will not be able to” is one of the most common and true phrases that are said to pregnant women, alluding to the luck that the future mother may have with respect to the sleeping of the baby. But this is not exclusive to this stage, since you are pregnant in the first and third trimesters it is no longer so easy to fall into the arms of Morpheus so easily due to the difficulty of finding a suitable position to do it and the weight of the belly among other obstacles ; Or at least that was before because now there are some articles designed exclusively to solve those details.

Although she has always been seen with great respect when she is pregnant, there were no products designed to make this time more pleasant, she was left alone all the way, but in recent years this has changed radically, so if you have The great happiness of expecting a baby you can be calm, several people have thought about your comfort and benefit.


  1. Pillows

There are pillows that can help you to comfortably accommodate your body and take care of the part of your back and belly. There are several materials and costs (you choose that according to your possibilities), they have two forms of “U” or “C”, you can also find foam wedges to support your belly when you sleep on your side.

  1. Belt

It is a belt made of elastic material that can help you to support abdominal support belt, they are designed to support and hold the belly, which helps to reduce the tension in the back, walk more comfortably, reduce pain in the lower back, abdominal and pelvic, adapts to the tummy, is adjustable so it adjusts to the growth of the tummy.

  1. Sickness

Having an empty stomach can be the cause of nausea, so it is advisable to eat a light snack with carbohydrates and protein as recommended by dietitian Bridget Swinney, author of books on diet in pregnancy. With this you will prevent your stomach from producing this stomach upset.

  1. Ginger

Consuming ginger in its natural form is recommended, according to a study published in 2009 in “The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicene” determined that a daily total of 1,000 milligrams of ginger per day in capsule form can help to decrease nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.

  1. Cosmetics

Creams and oils are a fundamental element in women to take care of themselves at this stage. Your body will undergo some changes (the skin stretches, you can get a lot of acne, varicose veins, stretch marks even on your face. To use them I recommend you consult your doctor before because there are products that far from helping you can affect you .

6. Constipation

Follow a diet rich in fiber, consume more water than you are used to, between and during meals to help your body. Also try to eat more fruits and vegetables such as raw apple, (preferably do not add salt), raw carrot, etc. Yogurt and drinks with dairy ferments are useful to rebalance the intestinal flora and improve its functionality.

Fortunately, there are now many products to relieve headaches, itching, insomnia, relief for allergies, coughs, colds and vaginal infections that you could not before, but not everything is recommended for all women, that will depend on many factors, That is why it is necessary that you avoid self-medicating, so I know the recommendation of a friend, do not risk yourself and the life of your child. Investigate this range of special items and enjoy one hundred percent of your pregnancy, the best stage of your life.

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