Ensure Your Peace Of Mind By Teaching Your Kids To Watch Out For Predators With These Amazing Tricks

Make sure your children can take care of themselves when you are not present, with these safety rules

The safety of the children is the responsibility of the parents, from small we must teach them to take care of themselves to avoid fatal accidents, since as they grow older they will have to protect themselves as they mature and become independent.

When something bad happens to children it is devastating and often generates remorse that lasts for many years. To avoid this, parents must insist on safety measures that children must learn and apply daily.

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What are the basic rules that children should know?

1. Do not open the door

When the little ones are left alone for a few moments or even when the parents are at home, it is important to teach them that if someone knocks or knocks, they should not open it. It is important to ask who it is and immediately inform an adult to take care of the situation. Let us remember that they do not know the dangers and consequences that can exist with opening the door to a stranger.

2. Ask for help in case of assault

At any age you can be a victim of bullying, many children are cruel, easily hurting anyone. That is why it is important to explain to children that no one can offend them verbally or physically, it is recommended that they ask for help from an adult.

3. No to physical abuse

It is essential to teach children that their body is theirs and that no one has the right to touch them, especially if they are a stranger or an adult. Some children do not like to be kissed, caressed or hugged, it is important to respect their intimacy and desire, never force them.

Make sure they understand the risks and the consequences.

4. Learn identification data

From a young age, children must memorize their full name, as well as the address and phone number of mom or dad, in case one day they get lost. Every time you leave home, explain the landmarks to your children so that they can form a location map in their mind (shops, parks, hospitals, etc.).

5. Cross the street

It is common for children to play in the street or in a park and forget the safety measures they must apply. Every day reinforces the knowledge that they must cross the streets always looking both ways and in case of being on an avenue, wait for the traffic light to turn red.

6. Secrets

It is recommended that parents have good communication with their children and notice when they are unwell. Bullies sometimes require children to keep secrets so as not to reveal their wrongdoing. Explain to your children that there are good and bad secrets and that the rule is that they should not hide any secrets that make them feel uncomfortable, scared, worry or sad.

7. Beware of the network

Parents often leave their children playing with any electronic device with internet access. Today there are many dangers, so it is important to teach and warn them about the risks when using it. Make sure to block content that can generate violence or harm their emotional state.

8. Trust no one

Children should know that if someone unknown asks them to go with them, they should never agree. It is important that they understand that they are not alone and that mom or dad will always come to pick them up.

9. Defend yourself

Children should be able to express their opinion and express what they like or dislike, teach them to say “enough” when something does not seem right, or “I don’t want to”, this way your child can defend himself.

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These rules seem simple and somewhat obvious, however, it is the responsibility of parents to teach them to their children and reinforce learning on a daily basis. By doing so, you will feel calm and confident that your child will know how to act in any dangerous situation.

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