Endometriosis And Infertility

Endometriosis is a problem that can affect any woman

According to Medline Plus, endometriosis occurs when cells from the lining of the womb grow in other parts of the body (ovaries, intestines, lining of the pelvic area, rectum and bladder) and can cause pain, heavy bleeding during and between periods and terrible infertility.

This condition is due to the disorderly growth of the cells of the uterine lining as they swell and become thicker, the uterus eliminates these cells with the blood during the period but when it grows in other parts of the body, they are not eliminated and accumulation is generated of blood and the formation of more tissue which causes a lot of pain and constant bleeding.

Endometriosis is very common and can be hereditary, it begins with the first period in girls but is diagnosed until 25 or 35 years of age.

A woman is said to be more prone to developing endometriosis when:

  • Your mother or sister have it

  • You started menstruating at an early age

  • Never had children

  • If your menstrual periods last more than 7 days

  • If menstrual flow is blocked by a closed hymen

  • Now, the most common symptoms are:

  • Very painful periods

  • Abdominal pain before, during, or after your period

  • Colic before and during menstruation

  • Pain before or after sexual intercourse

  • Pelvic pain or low back pain that occurs at any time

In order to make a reliable diagnosis, a laparoscopy or econography must be performed.

The treatments depend on the age and severity of the symptoms and especially if the woman wants to have children in the future and can range from the use of painkillers, relaxation techniques, hormonal therapy and even surgery.

The saddest problem with endometriosis is that while it is suffered, the vast majority of women cannot get pregnant because, as the endometrium is too thick, the fertilized egg cannot lodge in the womb and is lost again and again.

The treatments

One of the first treatments that are carried out are those based on hormones, in injections or as pills, but if the woman seeks to get pregnant, hormones are not the best option because they are:

Birth control pills

They take between 6 and 9 months, reducing discomfort but does not prevent scarring or repair the damage done.

Progesterone pills or injections

This shrinks the tumors, but the side effects are weight gain and depression.

Gonadotropin Medications

This hormone prevents the ovaries from producing estrogen, which is why an early menopause appears and cannot last more than 6 months because it weakens the bones.

When the hormones have failed, surgery is used and if the woman wants to get pregnant, a laparoscopic surgery is sought that is minimally invasive and does not damage other organs.

If endometriosis has already generated cysts or tumors, it is most likely that a hysterectomy will be performed where the womb and even ovaries are removed, avoiding any possible pregnancy.

According to the children’s guide, in very rare cases the pain can cause obstruction of the intestines or urinary tract and in some cases develop cancer in the areas of tissue growth after menopause.

If you doubt having endometriosis but have not been able to get pregnant in a year, it would be very good to visit your gynecologist.

This condition must be treated and not left adrift as it could turn into something much more serious.

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