Emotions Make My Body Sick. What To Do To Avoid It?

The inability to channel emotions properly can lead to physical illness. Learn in this article some ways to free yourself from negative emotions, avoiding getting sick.

Many studies have shown the great connection between the mind and the body. The inability to channel emotions properly translates into physical diseases, which not infrequently doctors do not find an organic symptomatology that produces them. This has been called in medical slang, “somatize”, which is nothing other than the physical expression of psychological discomfort. Negative emotions such as resentment, anger, jealousy, anxiety and stress, among others, can easily translate into headaches, back pain, ulcers, tachycardia, sleep disorders and even diseases that compromise the life of the person, such as cancers. It is likely that on many occasions people with somatization disorder are not correctly diagnosed, and end up subjected to other types of cures and not the psychological or psychiatric treatment they require.

Learn in this article why we somatize, and what we can do to properly channel our emotions:

According to the Encyclopedia of Psychology (published by the Ocean publishing house), there are some factors that predispose a person to express their psychosocial difficulties through somatic symptoms, among them, a personality trait called negative affectivity, which is characterized by a propensity to easily experience anxiety and personal dissatisfaction; This is due to the tendency of the person to introversion, catastrophism and negativism. On the other hand, someone who somatizes, unconsciously, can obtain some “advantages”, since by being considered ill he can get rid of some responsibilities.

How can you channel your emotions avoiding getting physically sick?

Free yourself from negative emotions. You must do an important exercise in identifying those emotions that may be making your body sick. The ideal is to get rid of them as they occur, because what triggers the somatizations is the fact of accumulating them or maintaining the same emotion for a long time. Resentment, for example, is one of those unhealthy emotions for the human being; many feed it day after day by remembering the harm that someone, with bad intentions or not, has caused them.

Forgiveness is one of the most valuable techniques you will find to get rid of that negative feeling that torments you, so it is necessary to understand that regardless of whether the other deserves forgiveness or not, the one who will benefit the most will be you; it is about releasing an unnecessary load that is carried. Learn in this other article a little more about how many emotions there are.

Stay away from stressful situations. If you recognize that you are not very tolerant of pressure situations that generate stress, try not to expose yourself to them too often, if it is not possible for you to avoid them at the root. Discover in this link practical ways to eliminate stress.

Get together with friends and family. Avoid isolation and facilitate interaction with people who appreciate you, who can listen to you and encourage you in your moments of depression.

A new way of life. You should change habits that can lead to a greater predisposition to get sick as a result of an additional amount of stress to which the body is subjected, and that does not facilitate the release of emotions; for example, the excessive consumption of coffee, tranquilizers or even the same sedentary lifestyle.

Contact with nature. A walk in the park, climbing a mountain, swimming in a river, bathing in a waterfall; practicing these and other activities that allow the reunion with nature is liberating from negative feelings, and produces not only feelings of well-being, but positive thoughts and joy of living.

Feed your faith. A spiritual life that allows us to connect with the Creator and rest in him if we feel troubled, is highly healing.

There are many things you can do to avoid getting sick from your emotions. Stay in control, and remember that you are the owner of your emotions and not the other way around.

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