Educate With The Certainty Of Forming Full-fledged Men

Not all boys become men. And in a world where this condition is praised, your efforts as parents have to be intentional and with the purpose that your children do not become theirs.

Adolescents grow up, but not all of them become men. This observation came to my mind when reviewing the statistics of adults living with their parents on the eve of turning thirty years of age. In the same way, I have met many who have fun without responsibility, as a way of life that is longed for and that one tries to maintain. Many others marry and have children, but this does not mean that they become men, but rather drag their childish attitudes, harming the family and helping another generation repeat their history.

It is the parents’ responsibility that their children grow up to be men, and that they are not stagnant adults at the early age of fourteen or fifteen. This work has to be intentional, it cannot be left to chance, as there are too many factors against it, such as culture and distractions that promise an easy and fun life without lifting a single finger. There are, however, numerous things that would help in this cause; The following guidelines will give you a hand so that, little by little, your little one will become a man.

1. Always teach consequences

Sometimes, as parents, it is difficult for us to apply the consequences that we stipulate in the event of bad behavior or a family rule being broken, as they bring tears, sad faces or tantrums; Even so, it is ESSENTIAL that you always comply with their application, since they instruct your child about responsibility for their actions; there are too many adults who always blame everything and everyone except themselves, make sure your child is not one of them.

2. Invite them to do difficult things

Doing difficult tasks encourages growth, and while this helps both girls and boys, some studies have corroborated that the impact on them is much greater, because their brain learns when it “lives” an experience by itself; that is, it is not enough to tell her that she is strong and capable, she has to experience it. Don’t forget that difficult experiences help your son grow up to be a man.

3. Teach them about housework.

The best men I have ever met are those who are not afraid of aprons and diapers. Do not make a difference between the instruction of housework between girls and boys, both should know things equally. Letting your child know about all these tasks builds the character and discipline that few things in life will provide.

4. Be a good example for them

Father: It is time to believe that your influence is priceless. I cannot fully emphasize the importance of the father in training from boy to man. As a father you have the responsibility and honor to teach him, for example, what a real man does; In the same way that children learn by doing something, their brain is made to learn visually: your example is the best tool.

Mother: If you do not have a father figure who can provide this role, do not be discouraged, look for other ways in which your son follows examples of good men in his life, such as religious leaders, teachers, friends or family, who can help you in this work ; Although your task as a mother is elementary, every child REQUIRES an example to follow.

5. Keep them away from any addiction

A sure way to ensure that your son develops from a boy to a man is to prevent him from acquiring an addiction when he is just a child or adolescent, as this will not allow him a healthy emotional development, but will leave him stuck in the emotional maturity of the time in which he developed it (which can start from the early age of eight, when we talk about pornography). Although we cannot force our children to make the decision that we want, we can use all our influence and support to prevent such addictions.

In a world where there are too many adults with the emotional maturity of a child, it is important that our goal is to raise boys to become men. A real man is seldom the product of a game of chance, but the consequence of intentional efforts in his teaching and in the way we mold his character. The next time you see your son in the eye, it is not only with the vision of seeing him grow up, but with the certainty that one day you will see him as a grown man.

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