Earning The Trust Of Your Parents Is A Daily Task

This article is aimed at teenagers and young people who seek, on a daily basis, to gain the trust of their parents.

If you are reading this article, you are an intelligent boy or girl who seeks to do things well. Surely you have asked yourself, over and over again, why your parents don’t trust you, or why they don’t give in to all your claims. Or maybe you think it is time to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, but they do not approve. How can you do it? Before giving you some tips to achieve the long-awaited confidence of your parents, it is important that you understand something:

The world is an increasingly unsafe place, especially for children and adolescents. This is one of the reasons why your parents often say “No” to your wishes and claims; However, they cannot deprive you of living your life, and rather they will need to prepare you to live it, but how can you make this task easier for them, and earn their respect and trust in the process? Read the following and you will know how to achieve it.

If you want to be treated like an adult, behave like one

. My father once told me: “If you want me to treat you like a woman, behave like a woman.” That is, do not show or tantrum in the face of your parents’ refusals of your request; rather, listen and try to understand the reasons they have for saying no, because they are almost always right. Let’s say, however, that denying you permission is a whim of your parents, who do not want to let you go somewhere; Given this, the best you can do is accept it with maturity, I assure you that they will value your attitude for a future case.

Always speak the truth

There is nothing that a father values ​​so much and generates so much confidence in him as knowing that you always tell him the truth: if you ask for permission and say that you are going to be in a certain place, go to that place, even when your parents take care of others stuff; And if during the afternoon or at night your plans change and you want to go somewhere else, before doing so call your parents so they can inform them where you will be.

Never refuse to give them data

Perhaps one of the things that bothers my 18-year-old son the most when he is going to leave the house for fun is that I ask him who he will be with and ask for the addresses and telephone numbers of his friends; but he always gives in to my request. It is not just about controlling it, it is a question of security. So give your parents the information they request; They will certainly not call, but if they do, it is best that you be with the people you indicated, because this will generate confidence and tranquility from them towards you.

Understand that all plans are not for your age

Evaluate which plans are appropriate for your age before requesting permission, because if you don’t, your parents will. And understand objectively that there are places that you are not yet ready or prepared to attend without the company of a responsible adult.

Keep your word

. Whenever you promise something to your parents, keep it, because this builds credibility and trust; for example, with the time you said you would come home, some homework or an achievement at school, and so on.

It’s time to have a girlfriend or boyfriend and your parents don’t accept it

In principle I will tell you that this depends a lot on education, values ​​and even religious beliefs that the family professes. It covers a number of particular situations that I will not be able to answer you with this article, but under normal conditions I can tell you that the first thing you should do is talk calmly with them about what worries them most, and why they cannot accept that you have boyfriend or girlfriend. Perhaps what your parents fear the most is premature sex, or dropping out of your studies. If you understand their reasons, you can give them the assurance that while it is not the moment, you will not take any step that could damage the trust they have placed in you. To get to this point, however, you will have to have done previous work related to the other points, in which they already trust you and believe your word.

It is important that you understand that negatives are part of life and that they help you grow as a person. Your parents may not always give in to all your claims, but you can gradually gain their trust and respect until you are ready to make responsible decisions that will help you face life with maturity.

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